Inspiration 15 February 2018

A carnival of colour.

Why not add a splash of colour to these grey winter days?

Is anyone else fed up of this wet, cold weather we've been having? We know we are! January and February feel like the longest months of the year - we're either hanging on till payday or day-dreaming of warmer climates across the pond.

So, armed with fresh ideas and inspired by the bright and beautiful colours of this week’s Mardi Gras festivals, we’ve been browsing our Winter Sale for the very best in colourful products.

1. Our Roxy Swivel Chair

With a stunning selection of velvet, our Roxy chair is a sure-fire way to liven up your space. Striking shades of mustard, cobalt, orange and teal can be found throughout this collection. With fabric names such as turmeric, honeycreeper, teal and marmalade what’s not to love?! Pair this with its deep buttoned back design and you’ve got yourself a little piece of luxury right there!

2. The Barrington & Hex stool

Shown in a jewel teal fabric the Barrington collection combines retro inspiration with geometric designs and super soft velvet. The addition of the pillowed back gives a subtle nod to 1920’s Art Deco.

If you’re not feeling brave enough to go for an all over colour like the Barrington, then why not try a hint of red or mustard with our Hex footstools? Not only are they a unique shape but there is a selection of patterned or plain fabric options.

3. The Betsy & Phoebe chair

Two very different styles, both make an impact in orange! These beauties with their pillowed backs and striking velvet upholstery are the perfect way to inject some much need colour into your home this winter, without feeling overwhelmed by colour.

4. Sofia & Jude Armchair

From our Betsy and Phoebe chairs, to the Sofia and Jude armchairs - two chairs that showcase the classic chesterfield buttoned detailing. The low back Jude design is one of our most popular pieces and comes in an array of colours and fabrics. This is also true of our high back Sofia chair, with it’s scroll arms and fully buttoned back, it’s the ideal accent chair to sit back and relax.

You will find all of these products in our Winter Sale with up to 30% off. Hurry though, sale ends 25th February.