Inspiration 24 December 2015

A Christmas Wreath

The perfect way to say a festive hello

I don't feel Christmas is really here until I've hung a wreath on the front door. Once it's up, I feel the festivities can really begin and it's a lovely way to welcome guests into the house.


Invented by Romans apparently, to represent victory, the circular shape with no beginning or end also symbolises Christ and eternity.

I like to use the same base every year, made from simple twigs. 

Using a combination of dried flowers - hydrangea, honesty and poppy heads that I've been drying out in the cellar since last summer - and fresh foliage from the garden - ivy, eucalyptus and lavender which gives a lovely scent - I start to build up the shape.

Start with the foliage first, choosing strong healthy stems that will stand up to the elements. Keep the stalks long so that you can push them firmly into the base. Thread the foliage all the way round.

Continue to build up layers of foliage until the whole base is covered. Don't worry about trying to make things too symmetrical - it'll look more natural if you let it breathe a bit and allow the foliage to spill out where it wants to.

Next, add the dried flowers - you can use faux flowers or fresh flowers if you prefer - and hang indoors or out. The beauty of a wreath is you can recycle the base and hang it throughout the year, styling it according to the season.

Try an Easter wreath using spring flowers and an Autumn wreath incorporating leaves. Simple, inexpensive and very pretty.