Inspiration 19 October 2017

Accessories: The little things.

The importance of Home Accessories

Whether you’re refreshing a room or bringing in a whole new look, it’s always important to consider the little thing - the finer details that make your house a home.

Although key features such as your flooring, colour scheme, and furniture choices are hugely important, the personality and feel of a home often comes from the home accessories and personal items you place around your space. It’s the difference between walking into a room and saying “wow” or seeing a space and thinking “this is nice”. We know which we’d prefer!

When we say finer details it’s not just the small additions. It’s about everything in the room that enhances the key features, we’re talking about the character of the space - it’s je ne sais quoi!

A great accessory to add instant style to a room is a wall clock, whether it’s oversized or small and quirky they’re a quick and easy addition. These two clocks from our online collection create two completely different looks, one is rustic but chic and the other retro and fun!

The home accessories you choose reflect your individuality, your likes and hobbies. As well as looking good, the perfect accessory also has a function - whether that’s telling a story, complimenting your furniture or enhancing your space.

Some accessories can dictate the colour scheme of your room. Take your favourite piece of art for example, you can plan an entire space around this one element. Compliment it by using other accessories in matching tones and patterns, like we did with scatters on our Brockley Corner Sofa, to really bring a room together.

Another great way to add interest to a room is to add texture. Texture can come in many forms, from faux furs, knitted wool, grained wood, bare brick or even something as small as fine sand in a vase. The best thing about using textures is that they draw the eye in, by reflecting light which in turn adds depth to your space.

So remember, a house without accessories just isn’t a home!

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Happy styling!