Inspiration 11 May 2018

Around the World in 10 rugs.

10 rugs that are guaranteed to bring a little exotic inspiration into your home.

Spring may be drawing to a close, but Summer is just around the corner. You may even have your Summer holidays fast approaching. So, whether you’re homeward bound or sunbathing on a sunny beach somewhere we’re here to help you bring a little of that exotic magic into your home with our top 10 world inspired rugs.

So, jump on our magic carpet and we’ll whisk you off to our inspirational locations.

India – An opulent country full of colourful culture and intricate style.

Any rug that truly embodies the beauty and grandeur of the Indian culture should be bright and lavish. When we were choosing a colour, we referred to the fiery shades of Indian spices, such as; chilli, turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, ginger, and pepper. These colours, like everything in Indian culture, have meaning. The colour Red, for instance, symbolises purity and is often used at Indian weddings. Many colours are also linked with the Hindu faith and their deities.

With this in mind, we chose our Matrix Tangier Rug in Terracotta.

When it comes to patterns, Indian designs tend to centre around nature and Hindu symbols. Floral patterns are hugely popular alongside high energy design with striking bold structures. Textures are lavish and contrasting, the phrase “more is more” encompasses the countries cultural style but without being chaotic or overwhelming. We suggest our Xico Faded Persian Rug in Rust which pairs the countries vibrant colours with their love of flowers.

Japan – A country with harmony at its style core.

When choosing a rug to suit the Japanese style of living we had to factor in certain attributes, such as light colours, clean lines and natural materials. Each of these factors contributes to Japanese interior design, it’s how they create a zen space. Keeping the balance of a space and keeping it minimalistic come hand in hand in the Japanese culture.

A calm space is a happy place and therefore if you’re happy you’re productive and at peace. So we needed to find an unobtrusive rug that was made from natural materials in a light tonal colour. The light colours are inspired by nature; soft greens, woody browns, and earthy greys all draw from the outdoors, such as; bamboo, trees and stone. Bright colours can be gently incorporated and always pair with a black or dark brown. The key is to underline the peaceful shades, not override them.

Our Chelsea Rug with its minimalistic design and natural texture is ideal for a Japanese inspired space. It’s neutral shades and a hint of black detailing makes it airy and contemporary.

When researching into Japanese patterns and images, nature is a huge influence, like that of Indian culture. Flowers such as blossoms and orchids can be found throughout, alongside graceful waves and ornate fish. Each of these symbolise an element of calmness and harmony. We found the perfect rug that combined both the light colour aspect and the delicate floral design, in our Marble rug. With its pale grey background and cherry blossom design, it’s elegant yet understated.  

Mexico – A style inspired by numerous cultures over the centuries.

Mexico has a vibrant and eclectic culture because of different influences through the last few centuries. This is seen through their use of vibrant colours, such as red, orange, blue and green, terracotta pottery and wrought iron embellishments.

Mexican interiors are generally a stereotypical hippy’s paradise. Rustic wood, patterned tiles and handcrafted textiles all contribute to a mother earth vibe. 

That’s why our Kelim Multi Fade Rug, with its bright bold colours and 80% wool, 20% jute handwoven construction, is the perfect fit for a Mexican inspired home.

Patterns are everywhere when it comes to Mexican interiors, from primitive patchworks to vibrant stripes and geometrics. Our Matrix Cuzzo Sienna Rug, is another design that would work well in a Mexican inspired interior, with its vibrant colourway and geometric style.

Morocco – A country with a rich heritage and a signature style.

A country bordered by Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Morocco has a singular style created from a blend of multiple cultures. It has an abundance of eclectic colours and layered textures that make for striking interiors. The key to styling a Moroccan influenced space is to keep it warm and inviting. Keeping a laid-back vibe with a modest colour palette and natural textures lend to a free-spirited essence similar to the Mexican handcrafted look. Along with earthy neutral tones the Moroccan styling includes jewel shades such as emerald green and ruby red - this makes for interesting colour clashes.  

Our Fading World Rug in Jade adds that pop of colour, but with its distressed texture it appears subtle and more laid back.

Geometric and abstract patterns lend them self well to Moroccan style as they appear bohemian in nature next to natural materials such as jute. As handwoven textures are traditional in Morocco, such as, tapestries, our Kelim Terracotta Rug fits quite nicely.

South Africa – A style that works just as well simply, as it does bold.

South African interiors reflect the essence of the country, as eye-catching as a sunset or as bare and beautiful as it’s rural landscape, but above all their style reflects the African people. Base tones such as black, white and brown create the foundation of their style, with the introduction of yellows, reds and golds. Bright greens and burnt oranges can be found when tribal designs are used, where earthy tones can be seen in minimalistic settings. 

Our Gaucho Parquet Rug would work well in a minimalistic interior due to its warm undertones and natural hide material.

As mentioned above, tribal patterns passed down through the years influence much of the countries interiors. From zig-zag patterns to more intricate designs such as the Ndebele design, they can be found throughout South African textiles and soft furnishings.

Our Kelim Grey/Yellow Rug seamlessly fits into this style, with its simple repetitive design and neutral colour base, of warm beiges and golden yellow, it highlights all the stunning features of the countries style.

So, that’s it! You’ve traveled from one continent to the next without ever leaving your seat. Remember whether you’re jetting off to some far-off country or just enjoying the sunshine in your back garden, you can bring a touch of these exotic styles into your home.