Inspiration 08 April 2016

Bathroom Makeover...

Time for an update.

You know it's the beginning of Spring when ad's appear on the tele for DIY and spring cleaning products. There's something about the clocks going forward that makes us want to break out the paint and start decorating, which is exactly what I've been doing over the Easter break.

Our bathroom is finally finished and I've been looking forward to sharing. Nothing like a bit of Before and After! So. This is how the bathroom looked before we ripped it out.

The bath and sink were ancient and the grout was a mess. All the taps leaked and the floor (which had originally been carpeted - why?) was crying out to be tiled. As the room is tiny and would only allow for a three quarter sized bath, we opted for a walk in shower instead. This is how it looks now.

I love combining old and new, so these ceramic handles I found in a junk shop replaced the original silver knobs on the new bathroom cabinet, making it a little bit different. They also helped to tie the white and cream colour scheme together. An old wooden bookcase doubles as a toilet roll holder above the loo.

Moroccan-style floor tiles add a splash of colour and pattern to an otherwise simple colour scheme, and I've chosen towels which have a middle eastern flavour too - these are Turkish cotton Hammam towels which are really light, but surprisingly absorbent.

I've never had proper drawers before either, for all the stuff you accumulate, so it's been really lovely hiding clutter away.

With any small room, the key is to keep things simple. Don't add too many colours and try to keep surfaces clear. Mirrors reflect light and give a sense of space - I've hung an antique over-mantle mirror above the sink - and a small wooden stool is perfect for resting things on.

I love the way this pretty patterned stool seems to match the floor tiles.
A little bit of shopping serendipity!

Don't shy away from hanging art in a bathroom too. It can make all the difference and adds a nice personal touch to a room which can sometimes feel a bit sterile. Just make sure the bathroom is well ventilated and you don't hang pictures too near the shower or taps. I like to swap paintings around to keep things interesting.

Try something a bit different - this simple Moroccan bowl doubles as a soap dish,
adding a nice unusual touch and tying the scheme together.