Inspiration 02 March 2018

Bed Month: How to get your bedroom organised?

A few tips on how to Spring-clean your bedroom.

With the ‘Beast from the East’ keeping us all indoors last week, there’s no better time to plan a little spring tidy up.

For example, whilst you’ve been wrapped up in your duvet have you noticed that your bedroom could do with a little TLC? Your bedroom is your happy place and therefore should be a space that you can relax in. If you’ve got piles of clothes lying around or soft furnishings with no home, then you’ll probably find it difficult to unwind. A tidy room is a peaceful room and it’s safe to say we all love a little peace.

So, whilst you're snowed in or just relaxing in bed today why not browse our selection of bedroom furniture and follow our simple tips to organising your space. From wardrobes to bedsides we’ve got an array of products in different shapes, sizes and finishes, all available in-store and online.

Painted Rose Tallboy
Felix Dressing Table, Mirror & Stool
Enrique Bedframe & Bedside Cabinet

Tip 1. Check your floor space!

For starters, can you see it? The default place, for busy folks, is always the bedroom floor, we may start out with the best of intentions - neatly storing items under the bed - but as these things mount up it suddenly begins to spill out, resulting in a very cluttered floor.

This is your ideal starting point; remove everything from under the bed, even if you just move everything into another room whilst you plan and clean. A perfect solution to under bed storage is drawers, whether they are under the bed, such as in our divan ranges or to the side of it, like our bedside cabinets or chests. Our Samana bedside and chest of drawers are not only brilliantly practical but with their curved drawer design, they are also massively on trend.

Which means storage, tick! Style, tick!

Samana Bedside Cabinet & Bedframe
Samana 8 Drawer Wide Chest

Tip 2. Do you really need that?

Are you a hoarder? When was the last time you wore that bright yellow sparkly top? When organising your bedroom, the best process is to check every corner, nook and drawer. This way you can put everything together and really think about whether it’s still useful. Once you’ve done this you’ll feel almost cleansed and you’re sure to find you’ve got a lot fewer items to deal with than you first thought. 

Create two piles, one Keep and one Giveaway, the Giveaway pile you can take to the charity shop and the Keep pile you could place in your new Felix wardrobe or tall chest. Remember using furniture painted in soft colours can also add a sense of tranquillity to your room.

Felix Tall Chest
Felix Wardrobe

Tip 3. Will your new furniture fit your space?

One huge mistake we all make is buying furniture without measuring it. We see a stunning bed we just have to have, only to realise that when it’s in place we can only just fit down the side of it.

Take a look at what furniture you have in your bedroom, could you have a smaller bed or maybe a taller wardrobe that could utilise tall ceilings. Another great addition is a tallboy as it uses its height for storage instead of its width. A favourite of ours is the Blake 6 drawer tallboy, made from reclaimed wood.

Blake 6 Drawer Tallboy
Blake Bedside Cabinet & Bedframe

Rearranging furniture can not only refresh the look of your room but also create more space. For example, instead of having a chest of drawers and a wardrobe, why not try a bigger wardrobe such as our Chiltern triple wardrobe with drawers, this way you replace two pieces with one.

Chiltern Triple Wardrobe with Drawers
Chiltern Chest of Drawers & Double Wardrobe

If you have a smaller space we recommend our Santiago small double wardrobe, it still provides you with hanging and drawer space but in a more compact design.

Santiago Small Double Wardrobe
Santiago Double Wardrobe

So that’s it. Our three simple tips to get you bedroom organised!