Behind The Scenes 27 March 2018

Bed Month: Lisa E’s Top Picks

A final farewell to Bed Month.

As a final farewell to Bed Month, we asked our Bed Manager, Lisa Easterby, to give us her top picks from our bed department.

Now that the clocks have gone forward, that one hour less in bed feels like a lifetime, so we’re here to make sure the time you do get in bed is the most enjoyable possible. So, to help us do that, we asked Lisa Easterby, our bed floor manager, to give us a few recommendations.

Top Left: AB Collection Lombardia 6000 Divan Set With Free Drawers. Top Right: Devonshire Divan Set by ViSpring.

Bottom Left: Nimbus Pillow Top by Hypnos. Bottom Right: Elite Mattress by ViSpring 

What products are our bestsellers?

A couple of our top sellers are the Nimbus Pillow Top by Hypnos, the Devonshire divan set and Elite mattress by Vi Spring and our AB Collection which are all available for customisation. These suppliers can make a bed to any dimensions for a small additional charge.

Brixton Bedframe available online & in store

What’s the most extravagant bed you offer?

One of our most extravagant beds is the Brixton 6ft (super king) bedframe. It’s a really stunning bed and in my opinion makes quite the impression.

AB Collection Calabria 4000 Divan Set, available online & in store.

What bed would you recommend for a buyer on a budget?

For our customers that are on a budget, we would always recommend one of our AB Collection beds, as they are very competitively priced. Our current bestseller is the AB Collection Calabria divan set.

Our Bed Floor Department

What’s your personal recommendation and why?

I would always recommend going for as much as you can afford, as I mentioned earlier, buying a bed is an important decision for any homeowner. And as we spend 1/3rd of our lives in bed, it makes sense to be as comfortable as possible.

If you’ve got any enquiries or questions, please give Lisa or a member of her team a call. They’ll be happy to chat through any details with you. Please call 01625 613333 or email

Lisa Easterby, Bed Floor Manager.

Leon Frost, Sales Operative.

Clare Bailey, Sales Operative.