Behind The Scenes 09 March 2018

Bed Month: What are our top tips when bed shopping?

Bedroom floor Manager, Lisa Easterby, gives us some advice on what to consider when bed shopping.

Buying a bed can be a daunting process and an extremely important one. So, we’ve asked our wonderful Bedroom floor Manager, Lisa Easterby, a few questions about what to consider when bed shopping.

Lisa has been part of the Arighi Bianchi family for the last 28 years and has spent the last 26 years working in our beds' department, so she knows her stuff! - Nick Bianchi

Lisa Easterby - Bedroom Floor Manager
Lisa with team members, Clare Bailey and Leon Frost.

When is the recommended time to change your mattress?

The recommended time to change your mattress would be approximately 10 years. Periodically checking the performance after 8 years, to make sure it is still giving you the correct support. 

What tension of mattress do you recommend?

The tension would depend on your individual body weight, to give you the right support and comfort. If you didn’t have the right tension and the mattress was too firm, you could develop pain around your pressure areas (hips and shoulders).

How do you prolong the life of your mattress?

If your mattress is turnable, it would need turning and rotating weekly or fortnightly,  for approximately 6 months after purchase, and then 3-4 times a year. If it is a no turn mattress, then you would need to rotate it for the same length of time (weekly or fortnightly for the first 6 months). This will help prolong the mattresses lifespan.

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Memory foam vs Pocket spring mattress?

Pocket spring mattresses have individual springs that follow the natural curves of your body, therefore enabling adequate support and comfort. As the springs work independently, there is no-roll together or rebound feeling. The Springs move with you, leaving others undisturbed.

As for memory foam mattresses, when pressure is applied the cells of the foam distribute air pressure quickly, it will then not return to its original shape in any hurry, allowing for better comfort, as the pressure on the body’s pressure points is reduced. The second benefit is that there is no movement when your partner or child moves when asleep.

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What type of pillow do you recommend for someone with neck problems?

Pillows are a very personal thing and need to be tried in store. Tempur does offer a neck pillow that is determined by your shoulder width and height, it’s available in Medium, Large or Extra Large.

What’s the meaning of a duvet tog?

The tog rating on a duvet determines the warmth needed. Eg. The smaller the tog number the cooler the duvet will be. Different tog sizes are better for certain times of the year. For example, 13.5 tog duvets are usually used in the Winter months and 7.5 in Summer.

If you’d like any more information or have a bed enquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact Lisa and her team. If you email or call 01625 613333 you’ll be put in direct contact as soon as possible.