Behind The Scenes 18 December 2015

Behind the scenes: Lights, Camera, Action

Behind the scenes at our Autumn shoot

Thought you might like to see what went on behind the scenes, filming our new advert on location in Cheshire.

At the same time we shot the photos for our new Autumn Sale brochure.

Thanks to all the team for their hard work and to the two wonderful families who moved out whilst AB moved in!

Location 1. The vans arrive early to unload.
Fortunately, it was a beautiful day so we were able to put spare furniture in the rose garden, as you do!

Stylist, Di, puts the finishing touches to our Pretty Parisienne bedroom.

The film crew rehearse a tracking shot.

Briefing the actors before filming a scene.

Two of the actors take selfies with their co-star!

Previewing shots on the monitor.

Amber practices gymnastics (and pulling faces!) between takes.

Dressing the Glamorama set.

Photographer, Sasa, takes close-up shots of the furniture.

Location 2. Shooting more looks and preparing the cover shot for the Autumn Sale brochure.

Some of the team at the end of a successful shoot.