Inspiration 12 January 2016

Brighten up your January

Start the year with a smile

Have you ever wondered why New Year's resolutions are so hard to keep?

Strikes me it's because most of them are about punishing ourselves for the excesses of Christmas, so lots of cutting out this and reducing our intake of that. All a bit miserable really. 

So I think we should make a resolution to only make resolutions which are easy to keep and fun to do! That way, we won't have to beat ourselves up for breaking them and we'll be doing something positive into the bargain. Here's just a little list of easy and achievable resolutions for round the home.

Make your bed! 

I know that sounds silly, but you'd be surprised how good it feels to plump the pillows and smooth the duvet before starting the day. And there are other benefits too. A recent survey of 68,000 people showed that only 27% of us make our beds in the morning! But of these, the majority enjoy their jobs, own a home, exercise regularly and feel well-rested. Non-bed makers on the other hand mostly hate their jobs, rent apartments, avoid the gym, and wake up tired! So what's it to be?

Keep a Journal.

When was the last time you used an ink pen, or perhaps you never have, in which I feel really old! I only ask because my parents gave me one for Christmas and it took me right back to my childhood when I used to write a diary using a cartridge pen with turquoise ink. In this modern age of keyboards and touch screens, let's take up writing again. And nothing beats a beautiful (recycled) leather journal for writing in, like these from Arighi Bianchi, available in a wide range of colours and sizes.

Always have fresh flowers in the house.

Such a tonic, the colour and scent of freshly cut blooms can really lift your spirits. Naturalist Jane Goodall says flowers are good for our psychological development and scientific studies prove that flowers can reduce crime and boost recovery from illness, so there's every reason to fill your home with tulips and daffodils this month.

Drink tea from a china cup and saucer.

I don't need science to convince me, but apparently tea really does taste better from a cup and saucer. A china cup doesn't absorb heat as quickly as a heavy ceramic mug - so your tea stays hotter for longer - and the smooth edge of a china cup allows more tannins to circulate and improve the flavour. The physical act of pouring and stirring is also good for us as we stop what we're doing to take a break. Which might explain why we consume a whopping 165 million cups of the stuff every year! Break out the china I say.