Inspiration 29 December 2015

Celebrating sunshine!

There's nothing prettier than a field of buttercups in the sunshine.

There's nothing prettier than a field of buttercups in the sunshine. It’s something everyone remembers from when they were little, picking the flowers and holding them under people's chins to see if they liked butter! Many of our kids still do it today.

The colour yellow is a real mood-lifter and works wonders as an accent in any room. Add a yellow velvet cushion to a charcoal sofa or a rich, mustard yellow chair to a pale grey room, and it immediately becomes more interesting. It's also like having a little bit of summer all year round.

Rich, golden yellow velvet features in a new line of Jude chairs by Alexander & James. Such plump curves and lush colours say stick around for a G&T!

Dressed with a bold floral wallpaper and a framed 50's film poster this roomset features strong accents of yellow alongside this gorgeous vintage-style Ochre sofa.

Mustard works really well mixed with strong colours like tangerine orange and jade green, and although especially popular in the 1950's, it's still a classic today.

G Plan Sixty-Six sofa, in tonic mustard. Add cushions with bold, geometric designs.

From statement colours to bold patterns, our Liberty Art fabric furniture range is simply stunning. The perfect Summer furniture, our Liberty fabrics are all hand painted works of art!

Rich, vibrant plum, aqua and berry tones make this fabric stand out.

The simple lines of this accent chair allow you to focus on the exquisite Liberty fabric.

One of our favourite fabrics is used on our Paradise Loveseat (It’s great name says it all!) and is like welcoming a meadow into your front room! The little blue flower appears every now and again in the pattern, like a rogue forget-me-not. Lovely.