News 27 April 2017

Check out the top 5 interior design trends for 2017!

Arighi Bianchi has been to the Milan Furniture Exhibition to find out what is hot in the interior design world.

Authors: Paula Siqueira & Andrew Durham

Just in case you haven't heard about the Milan fair, we can tell you it is big. And busy! Not only is it the world's largest furniture trade show, but it is also where interior designers from all over the world update themselves about the future tendencies in their industry. 

Here are the main trends you will be seeing in 2017:

1. Ceramic and stone tables. Combining a natural look with high quality and lasting properties, ceramic and stone tabletops are the new hot choice if you want to take the glamour in your living room a few notches higher. 

2. Animal Accessories. Don't be afraid to start your personal home zoo! You are spoilt for choice here, there are animal ornaments of all shapes, materials and styles.

3. Quilted surfaces. They are coming through strong and for a good a reason. Don't they look gorgeous?!

4. Geometric patterns and textures. They are everywhere: on wallpapers, velvet upholstery and rugs. Even when used in little details, they will add lushness to your home!

5. You probably already know that green, teal and blue are the hot colours for 2017, but if you were wondering which colours go with them, here are your answers.

They can look great as a contrast with poppy red.

They go well with all kinds of metal finishes including antique brass, vintage copper and anthracite grey.

Of course, you can't go wrong mixing them with neutral colours, which help to make these bold colours really pop! 

Do you still want some more inspiration? Here goes! We'll leave you with some of the pics from the amazing stands we found in the Salon del Mobile Milano 2017.

Paula Siqueira (Co-Author)

Paula Siqueira is a professional photographer based in East London. She loves to photograph everything related to home, family and children - make sure you check her interior design photography at

Andrew Durham (Co-Author)

Andrew Durham is a visual merchandise consultant based in London with 30 years of retail experience, ten of those helping to make Arighi Bianchi the beautiful store we all know and love. Check out his work at