Inspiration 18 December 2017

Christmas wreath making

Follow our Marketing Team’s simple steps to creating their favourite wreaths!

Here at AB HQ our Marketing Team decided to get into the festive spirit by creating their very own Christmas wreaths. Disclaimer: these are by no means professional! 

So, with supplies gathered from the lovely ladies at The Flower House Cheshire, located just inside our North car park entrance, the team put on some Christmas songs (Mariah Carey, of course!) and set about creating some wreath magic!

What you'll need;

  1. Scissors
  2. 1 x 12” Wreath Ring
  3. 1 x Bag of moss
  4. Lots of Spruce cuttings
  5. A whole lot of Olive branch foliage
  6. Eucalyptus stems
  7. Thistle bunches
  8. Garden wires
  9. A selection of pine cones
  10. Red berries
  11. Cut holly branches


  1. Mini Baubles in chosen designs and colours
  2. Ribbons in chosen colour


Follow the simple steps below to create the team’s wreaths.

Step 1.

Cover the wire wreath ring in moss - the team used florist wire. Wrap clumps of the moss tightly around the wire ring.

Step 2.

Using the same florist wire, wrap pieces of conifer or some olive bunches around/on top of the now moss-covered ring. Once you’re completely happy with the covering, the team suggest adding various styles of foliage, this will add some texture to the wreath. The team chose thistles, holly and eucalyptus, which also add some colour to the mix!

Step 3.

After all the foliage had been added it’s time to move onto the decorating step. Use mini baubles, pine cones, berries, painted leaves and organza ribbons to create the colour schemes you’re after.  Our team created 3 very different designs, one gold, one red and one more natural.

Eucalyptus & Gold Wreath

Holly & Red Wreath

Olive Branch & Thistle Wreath

These wreaths are perfect for hanging on doors or as table centerpieces. So, with a week to go there’s no better time to get creative!

Have a very Merry Christmas!