Inspiration 21 December 2018

Deck the Table

Get your table looking stylish just in time for the turkey!

We’d all be lying if we said one of our favourite moments on Christmas Day wasn’t the dinner.  There’s nothing lovelier than sitting around a table, big or small, with your loved ones and digging into the end product of a couple of hours of slaving away in the kitchen.

With the table being such an integral part of the day, it’s important it’s dressed to perfection and looking as seasonal as it can be.  With a few little hints and tips from us at Arighi Bianchi, you can easily take your table from everyday plain to a dinner party beauty worthy of a festive feast.

The very first step is to set a theme to ensure your table looks more like it’s been beautifully put together rather than thrown together.  It’s easy to fall into the trap of choosing a typical green or red and instead it may be better to explore beautiful metallic fabrics or Nordic rustic tones.  Start from the table surface up and choose a simple but effective runner that’ll dictate the rest of your theme.

A focal point is key to making your table look pretty and flowers always work well as a centrepiece. Not only do they look beautiful but they also bring a touch of the wonderfully wintery outdoors inside.  Visit The Flower House Cheshire at our Macclesfield furniture showroom for some exceptionally beautiful seasonal bunches you can use along your table as a display.  With stunning flowers sourced from the very best suppliers, your guests will be wowed by the effort you’ve gone to.  Pop the arrangement in one of our Ribbed Cylindrical Taupe Vases to really take your bouquet to the next level and even tie them in with your wreath on the front door to take the theme all the way through the house.

If you’re planning on offering – or rather, devouring – some cheese and biscuits post-mains then you’ll need our Stag Head Cheese Knives Set of 3 too.  Each of the versatile knives are finished in high quality silver and feature a fun stag head at the top of the handle.

Nothing says Christmas like a bit of candlelight and candles really are your best friends for creating a bit of atmosphere.  Litter the table with inexpensive tea lights jazzed up in our Set of 4 Tealight Holders or Antique Nickel Tealight Holder or make a feature with a few of our large Dark Grey Pillar Candles in various sizes.  For a touch of grandeur, grab a few long candles in a colour of your choice and pop them in our Tapered Mirror Candle Holder.  They’ll add some height to the table and the bases add a touch of glamour too.

Christmas is our favourite time of year at Arighi Bianchi and there’s no better way to get some festive inspiration than to have a wander around our beautiful showroom. Pop in this weekend to get some last minute bits ahead of the big day.  No matter what’s on the table or which accessories you choose, we wish you a wonderful Christmas from all the team here at Arighi Bianchi.