Inspiration 02 May 2019

Emma aka Livedin365, shows us how to elegantly bring earthy textures to the dining table?

Emma Rogers combines greenery and earthy colours for a relaxed dinner table setting.

A little about Emma;

Emma is an Interior Designer and mum of two, living in South Manchester. She loves to combine the glamour of the 1920s with mid-century designs and unique one-off items, to create a really stand out effect. Follow her on Instagram or view her website

For our Spring Home Edit challenge, we asked Emma to create a table setting using products available from our Abode showroom.

Emma brought along her sister and fellow interior designer to help style our Cherbourg dining table. Gathering inspiration from nature, Emma incorporated greenery and earthy tones to create texture and interest amongst her dinner setting.

So, if you've got a special occasion coming up, or just fancy jazzing up the dinner table midweek, here are some great ideas for creating that 'wow' factor in your own home.

Follow Emma’s simple tips to update your dinner table and give it a stripped back-to-nature vibe.

1. Start with neutrals

It’s great to have a base of neutral colours as the backdrop to your table setting. It gives you the freedom to mix it up by adding in colours through accessories to get a slightly different look each time.


2. Beautiful crockery

Neutral crockery is beautifully simple and acts as a brilliant backdrop to any kind of table setting that you would want to put together.

3. Add greenery 

Adding greenery in the form of plants and/or flowers add warmth and interest to your setting, just make sure you can see your guests over the foliage!

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4. More is more 

Adding lots of different elements to your setting will make it feel more styled - however if you get carried away take a step back at the end, evaluate and remove a couple of pieces if needed.

5. Lighting

Use lighting to create the right kind of mood. If you don’t have dimmable lighting over your table, you can use a lamp in the background and then add candles to give a more intimate feel. 

Create a space that makes your guests feel really comfortable. I love the addition of sheepskins and blankets which really give a feeling of cosiness that means they’ll never want to leave!


When it comes to dining in, we wanted to get to know a bit more about the woman behind the table, so we asked Emma a few questions:


Do you usually dress your table or is it only during special occasions?

I dress my table pretty rarely. This is usually to do with time constraints and the fact that I am usually eating with two young children!


What is important to you personally when sitting down at a dining table?

I like to have a table that is free of the paraphernalia that can sometimes get piled on the table when you live with a young family, so that we can focus on sitting down to our meal together. Before we eat, I always clear the table of everything apart from flowers or a candle.


What makes a dinner party successful to you?

I love to cook, so a successful dinner party to me is serving up a feast that everyone loves and that offers something a bit different to what you might usually have at home. That and good conversation and music.


What would be your ultimate dinner party?

I think my ultimate dinner party would be with family and friends, rather than with a host of famous faces! It would be far more relaxing! The best thing is to spend time with the people you like the most, eating amazing food in a beautiful setting, there’s nothing better!


What would be your dream dish to eat at a dinner party?

Perhaps a bit predictable, but it would always be lobster! The best dish I have ever eaten was really fresh lobster in Cape Cod in the US. It was served very simply which meant the lobster was the star of the show.


Do you feel it’s important to sit down at the table with family and friends?

Sitting down with the family, in particular, is really important to me and something that we try to do every day. It’s the time when we all catch up with each other after our days at work and school and gives us time to have a proper conversation without any distractions.