Inspiration 24 May 2019

Get our Spring Silvano look before it’s too late!

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Have you fallen in love with our Silvano corner sofa? You’re not the only one! As one of our bestsellers, the Silvano is a firm favourite amongst Arighi Bianchi customers. Available in a range of colour options and upholstered in plush velvet with buttoned detailing this sofa is a true show stopper. And as any real showstopper, it needs the perfect stage setting, that’s where our rich jewel toned look comes into play.

Complementing a statement piece such as the Silvano can be a tad overwhelming, but fear not! Using the overall grandeur that comes with the Silvano’s design and size, you can choose equally luxe items to style a glamourous 1920’s inspired abode.

Pairing the Silvano with a butter-soft rug, dramatic wallpaper and this year's on-trend metallic, brass will give this look a designer edge.

When it comes to indoor plants this look calls for the theatrical, create a jungle with large banana plants or ferns. The bigger the better but make sure your rooms dimensions can take their size, you still want to be able to sit and relax in this room! 

Can’t keep anything green alive? Why not try faux plants, the Flower House Cheshire concession in-store have a great selection or alternatively keep the jungle vibe to your accessories, such as scatters or quirky ornaments. Our favourite is this playful gold parrot sculpture, who’s a pretty Polly?

Remember this look is called Rich Jewel Toned for a reason, don’t be afraid to mix up your colour palette. Throw in a mustard rug or mulberry footstool, experimenting with colours is where you can really let your creativity run wild! Grrrrr!