Inspiration 28 April 2016

Go green, go botanical.

Be inspired by this season’s botanical trend

This summer, it's all about going green. And I'm not just talking about recycling your plastic bottles! 

Indoor plants, tropical prints and green upholstery are just the thing to pep up your interior, and with lots of great faux greenery around, you don't need green fingers to achieve the look.

I love the soft green leather of this Alicha sofa, and the fresh tropical print on the scatters and matching chair. Such a clean, bright look for summer, yet easily warmed up with wool cushions and throws for winter.

The fern in the terracotta pot is a nice touch too, bringing the scheme together. Other natural materials like wood and jute add warmth and texture, and the gallery wall of botanical pictures creates an interesting focal point.

The beauty of plants is they can be swapped around and used in different places. Shooting our new Little Tree Furniture room at Arighi's recently, we changed the palms around quite a bit and were amazed how authentic the fake plant looked in amongst the real ones - gold star to anyone who can tell which is which!

There are also lots of fantastic wallpapers and fabrics with tropical and botanical prints. Decorate a feature wall or drape curtains at a window, bringing the outside in.

On the home straight with the house refurbishment, so I decided to buy a few new plants myself and am surprised what a difference they make to the space. And there was me thinking Garden Centres where just for oldies!