Inspiration 12 June 2019

Guest Blog: Jen Morrisey Interiors

What’s in A Colour?

In this month’s guest blog, Jen Morrisey, owner of Jen Morrisey Interiors based in Altrincham, Cheshire, discusses how to use colour in the home and gives us the latest updates from colour experts, Pantone.

Jen Morrisey Interiors creates unique living spaces that are elegant and stylish while remaining functional for today's modern living.

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“Thankfully Spring is in full bloom in all of its colourful glory! Dreary school runs are now full of beautiful blossoms and brightly coloured flowers. Here in Cheshire, Magnolia trees grow well, and I can’t help noting their beautifully coloured buds. This got me thinking: what’s in a colour?

I almost always use colour in my designs. Muted neutrals are safe, but can leave you feeling underwhelmed, so I enjoy finding out which shades really mean something. We need to enjoy our homes and the right colours will help you to do that.

Each year, Pantone (the colour experts) announce their Colour of The Year. They base this on trends analysis (fashion, travel, entertainment, etc.) and socio-economic conditions. This colour can influence a range of products, such as home furnishing. This year they chose Living Coral – a vibrant, yet mellow shade of orange. In its description of this shade, it says it, “embraces warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment”. I think they’re absolutely right.

My mother is from the Netherlands, so I am naturally drawn towards orange and I love how the nation celebrates with it. The warmth and gentle energy of Living Coral is wonderful as an accent colour contrasting against a neutral backdrop. Here you can see the beautiful Queen's chair from Arighi Bianchi looking amazing partnered with natural woods and light walls."

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"Pantone has also created a new standardised colour called ‘Love Symbol #2’ to commemorate the musical genius of superstar, Prince. I’m a fan, in case you hadn’t guessed. Seeing him play in Manchester was an experience I’ll remember forever and explains why purple makes me smile. I’ve therefore used purple (albeit sparingly) in my house as it brings back those great memories. This Alexander & James signature Chesterfield looks stunning in purple velvet. It would make a fabulous statement in any living room and I’m pretty sure that’s what Prince would’ve wanted."

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"Colour doesn’t always have to be used for impact. A few new accessories that introduce a fresh seasonal shade can make all the difference to a room. These cute votives from Arighi Bianchi, add a splash of soothing green and make a nod to the botanical trend too."

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 "Your home is your personal space, somewhere you can truly be you. So, what’s in a colour? I say it feeds your soul, so use it well."