Food 20 March 2019

How to cook Fishcakes the right way?

Make Geof the Chef's Salmon, Prawn & Spring Onion Fishcake recipe for a tasty Good Friday dish.

If you're looking for the ideal filling Good Friday dish then Geof the Chef has just the thing! His Salmon, Prawn & Spring Onion fishcakes are not only delicious but super quick to make! Share with family & friends this Bank Holiday weekend!


Prep Time: 20 Minutes

Cook Time: 10-15 Minutes

Serves: 2

Can be kept chilled for up to 3 days.



16oz Salmon (2 pieces)

100g North Atlantic Prawns

2 Spring Onions

1 Lemon (cut in half)

1 Lemon (zested & juiced)

Handful of Mashed Potato

Flour, Eggs, Milk & Breadcrumb (for the coating)

Small amount of butter

Bay & Herbs

Salt & Pepper, to season



1/ Poach your salmon in water, covering with your choice of herbs - dill, parsley or coriander, 2 half lemons and a couple of bay leaves. Cover and turn up the heat - but don’t boil.

2/ The salmon will take approx. 12-15 minutes and change colour from a vibrant pink to a dull pink throughout. Once cooked, take the salmon from the liquid and leave to cool.

3/ Strain the herbs and lemon from the left-over liquid and return this to the heat to reduce by half - this can then be used to add extra flavour to your fishcake.

4/ Slice the spring onions fairly thin and fry off gently in butter until translucent.

5/ Once the salmon is cool add it into a bowl with prawns, spring onions, juice & zest of lemon and mashed potato. Mix gently so that your salmon is flaky and the prawns stay whole. Then season to taste.

6/ Mould your fishcake mix into small cricket ball sizes, or if for a starter go for golf ball size instead and leave to one side.

7/ For the coating, whisk 2 eggs with equal parts milk until combined and place in a shallow container. Doing the same with the flour and breadcrumbs. Take your fishcakes and place them in the flour, then egg mix and finally breadcrumbs (called a Panne mix) ensuring even coverage, repeat if needed. Once done, place in the fridge.

8/ When ready to cook deep fry the fishcakes in vegetable oil until golden brown and finish off in a medium oven to ensure piping hot throughout.


Serve with a crisp salad and either chips or new potatoes.


Tip: Place your fishcake mix into the fridge (Step 5) for easy moulding of the fishcakes.