Inspiration 14 June 2019

How to style scatter cushions?

Our brand-new scatter cushion bundles are perfect for dressing pretty much any space.

Does your home need a little pick me up? Adding soft furnishings such as scatter cushions or a soft throw can really add some life to a room. Whether it be adding some colour to a neutral sofa or giving your bed that extra touch of luxury, scatter cushions can be just the thing you’re after.

That’s why we’ve made styling them super easy! By combing colour palettes and complementing patterns, we’ve created a collection of scatter bundles made for everyone. So, it’s as simple as piling them high or splitting the pack, why not put half on the sofa and half on the bed or better yet, place an accent one on a beloved armchair or dressing table stool. Let your styling run wild, but first let get the fundamentals down on choosing the right collection for you.


#1. Select your colour palette.

Now we know this seems like it would be the easiest of tasks however you wouldn’t be the first to get whisked away by the latest ‘on trend’ colour, only to get your new scatters home and find out they look dreadful with your current décor! So instead of having to redecorate your entire room why not select a few accent colours that you can already see within your space, this way you’ll be pulling together the new with the existing and it’ll flow seamlessly.

Our Brixton bed shot is the perfect example of highlighting colours within a room and bringing them into the forefront using soft furnishings. It could be that touch of pink in a favourite piece of art or a certain shade of green in a much-loved bedside book, literally anything can inspire your colour palette, no matter how small a detail.

Our “At First Blush” cushion bundle would be an ideal choice if you have a similar colour palette to our Brixton set

#2. Experiment with texture and various patterns.

The first thing to remember when playing around with different scatter designs is don’t be afraid!

If you’re a pattern lover, great, try clashing some unique styles and see how they work together. However, if patterns are a little too fussy for you, fear not, try exploring some texture instead.

Using textured scatter cushions such as our “Guilded Cage” collection can be just as effective as combining patterns. The soft velvet upholstery in both plain and striped can work together to create depth to your styling. Their reflective fabric bounces light around the space, creating an effortless luxury vibe. Add in the stunning oriental crane printed cushion and you’ve got yourself one elegant looking collection

For the pattern mad out there, why not try our “Juniper Oasis” bundle. This range mixes various abstract patterns and textures all in a similar colour palette. You can create your very own paradise right there on the sofa!

#3 How many is too many?

Ok, hang fire, the trick to styling scatter cushions is to know when to stop. Make sure you don’t overfill a space with cushions, you need your sofa or bed to look inviting but remember you still have to use it! Nobody wants the mammoth task of taking a dozen cushions off their bed before getting in!

According to the lovely designers over at Elle Décor, the perfect amount of scatter cushions is 3 to 5. Keeping it to an odd number means you can layer the cushions in a funnel formation that means each design can be seen. This is also true for displaying them unevenly, such as 3 in one corner of the sofa and 2 in the other. Doing this will trick the brain into viewing every scatter as it draws the eye with its lack of symmetry. We’re getting scientific!

#4 Pick your dream combination!

For your final step, why not browse our scatter cushion bundles? We’ve got a fantastic selection of colours, patterns and styles to get your inner interior designer excited!