Inspiration 08 March 2019

Is it time to buy a new mattress?

A few tips on what a new mattress could do for you!

As March is National Bed Month there’s no better time to think about what you want from your mattress. Does it give you enough support? Do you feel well rested? And are you really getting the best night’s sleep you can? These are all questions our Bed Floor Manager, Lisa, asks when a customer comes in-store looking for a new mattress.

Bed Manager, Lisa Easterby, has 27 years of bed knowledge.

Now you can eat the right foods, exercise, practice mindfulness before bed and yet still not get that peaceful sleep you’re after. This usually means that your bed or mattress isn’t working for you and it may be time to invest in a new one! Whether that’s because your current mattress is the wrong tension, on an incorrect base or it’s just too old, it’s time for a change.

Bed Department Team, if you've got any questions these are the guys to ask!

Let’s start at the beginning. Here at Arighi Bianchi, we have a huge selection of beds, from bedsteads to divans, hidden storage to reclaimed wood frames. Depending on the style of bed base you are after, will directly affect what type of mattress you should be using. 

Take our Lobo bedframe, for example, it’s slatted base means we’d recommend a mattress specifically made for slats, these are usually called a bedstead mattress. These mattresses can be either pocket sprung or memory foam in slightly softer tensions, to allow for more movement, as the slatted base naturally creates a firmer. However, your tension preference changes from person to person, whether it’s due to health issues, body weight or just personal comfort.

Our TEMPUR Hybrid mattress collection offers the best of both worlds, providing you with micro coil support as well as TEMPUR Dynamic technology, that’s similar to a memory foam material.

We would also recommend these types of mattresses for any firm-based divans. A divan base such as our Arighi Bianchi Collection Platino has a solid base that will support the function of a memory foam mattress and give you the best results. 

For a Sprung divan base, we always recommend a Pocket Sprung mattress - as the name suggests these two were made for one another! Using them together allows the sleeper complete freedom of movement without disruption and gives them a feeling of pure luxury. The mattress and divan base will work in sync when any movement is detected and still provide full support to the neck, back and shoulders.

You’ll find great examples of Sprung divans and mattresses in any of our Vispring or Hypnos ranges. Available online & in-store.

So now you know what mattresses to pair with which bed base, you’re asking yourself “why do I need to buy a new bed? Mine is fine”. Well, we want you to describe your sleeping experience as more than ‘fine’! The bed industry say that a mattress should be updated at least once every 8 years! Have you had yours longer than this? When a mattress ages it begins to sag (don’t we all), become lumpy and sometimes even noisy. These symptoms can result in you and your partner losing sleep, rolling towards one another in the night and can become frustrating.

Make sure you check your mattress regularly and never downplay the importance of a good night’s rest. A comfortable and supportive mattress will ensure fewer disturbances, so you’ll be guaranteed to wake refreshed and ready to take on the world!  

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