Inspiration 15 February 2017

Let's welcome Spring!

Time is flying by, winter has almost gone, and we are getting ready for Spring!

Authors: Paula Siqueira & Andrew Durham

As green is the key colour for 2017, we have put together some ideas about how to use it. 

Green is perfect to add a touch of drama...

...Or fun for your living room!

You can also mix green and gold to step up the glamour...

... or with copper instead!

You can also blend different shades of green in the same room...

... or try it with pastel colours

It also works in a massive picture of an elephant taking a dip!

Of course, green also looks fabulous in small details (as in this stylish wall picture)

 After all, it is Spring time...

You should feel the freedom!

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Paula Siqueira (Co-Author)

Paula Siqueira is a professional photographer based in East London. She loves to photograph everything related to home, family and children - make sure you catch her updates on her Instagram page.

Andrew Durham (Co-Author)

Andrew Durham is a visual merchandise consultant based in London with 30 years of retail experience, ten of those helping to make Arighi Bianchi the beautiful store we all know and love.