Inspiration 10 November 2017

Light up your life - Lighting at Arighi Bianchi

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Lighting is everything to a room. The right intensity, colour or angle can create dramatic or subtle differences to a space, as well as adding to the rooms style and ambience. 

With so many different designs and types of lighting, it can sometimes be hard to decide where to start. That’s where we come in! Below are a few tips and tricks to creating the perfect lighting for your home.

First off, different lights work in different rooms. Some spaces need bathing in light, where others only need concentrated areas of light, almost like spotlights. 

Living Lighting

The ideal style of lamps for a living space tend to be floor lamps, table lamps, and stylish accent lamps. These types of lighting lend themselves well to being placed on side tables or into cosy nooks. Since your living room is usually a busy social space whatever lamps you choose will be on full display to your guests. So, with that in mind feel free to go more decorative with your choices, to really make a statement.

Floor Lamps are great for atmospheric lighting, they can blend or lift the ambient lighting already available in the room. These lights can then be complimented by table lamps which create fill lighting, which helps bring the overall room’s light to a functional level.

Accent lighting such as wall sconces or spots are excellent for highlighting areas of interest in your space, whether it’s a hung picture frame or textured walls.

The key thing to remember is that this space is for company and a good gossip! Therefore, try not to block the line of sight between any seating. Your guests need to see who they are talking to!

Boudoir Lighting

The bedroom is the best area for mood lighting! If you don’t have a ceiling light, opt for a floor lamp, this will provide enough light to see, but will create a subtle glow to the entire room. As for your bedside lamps, these need to be smaller than your table lamps in the living room, you need to leave space on the table surface for a book or your other trinkets. You don’t want it to appear cramped, remember this is a room you need to relax in. Regarding colour and style, think simple designs and use your bedroom’s accent colours to tie the lighting and colour scheme together. Creating your own attractive space.

Dining Lighting

The dining room and kitchen is the true heart of the home, it’s where family and friends get together and catch up. The dining table or breakfast bar is the focal point, it’s where the entertaining happens. So visually marking the space with a statement light emphasises its significance. Its all about the ceiling light, whether its an ornate chandelier or a collection of hanging pendant lights.

If you have an open plan kitchen and dining area then the addition of a few table or floor lamps can create that much needed fill light. Another tip is to choose lights and/or shades in similar colours to your dining walls, helping them blend into your décor.

With all this in mind, it’s now the fun part, time to get shopping! Before you rush off to put these tips into practice, browse our selection of online lights.

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