Inspiration 18 March 2016

Little Tree puts down roots

I'm always nervous when people use the phrase 'wow factor', especially when it comes to interiors. Surely everyone's 'wow' is a little bit different, right?

Well not if you're describing the new Little Tree furniture space at Arighi Bianchi it isn't! Utterly, utterly gorgeous, with a riot of colour, pattern and texture that assaults you the minute you walk through the door.

I wasn't sure where to look first, there's so much to see. And lots to make you smile too, from the old barbers chair, to the Indian tuk-tuk on the wall, to the up cycled mini-moped!

The Little Tree Furniture company was founded by Neil Buckley-Jenson and his wife Aimee who travelled to India and fell in love with the handmade furniture they discovered there. Returning to England, they set up their business, focusing on quality and design.

Working in partnership with Indian craftsmen, they use mostly reclaimed wood to make unique pieces of furniture with real eco credentials. Lots of their accent pieces are up cycled or recycled too, including old packing cases, wooden stools and the colourful doors used as decorative panels on the wall - a great way to add an industrial vibe to any room. Floors can be part of the canvas too. Rugs are great for adding colour and texture to a scheme, and you don't have to use just one. Copy the latest trend for layering, and have fun clashing colours. 

There are no rules with this look, so enjoy mixing things up. Who said you couldn't put mid century with contemporary, traditional with industrial, if it works and you like it. Go for different styles of legs on chairs and sofas and look for interesting detail, like button backs and studded arms. It all helps to tell a story, which is the key to any successful interior.