Inspiration 13 April 2018

Looking to update your home this Spring?

Don’t worry, you won’t have to break the bank to do it!

With the UK’s weather set to warm up this weekend, yes, it’s really happening! It’s a great time to start thinking about giving your home a little refresh. We can’t promise there’ll be much sunshine but we can promise lots of lovely new accessories to help you get started!

Pop in-store today to see what’s new and on-trend this year.

Out with the rosy coppers and in with the antique golds.

We’ve noticed a big change in this season's metallics. Gone is the rose gold and copper accents, replaced by brushed brass and antique gold accessories. Give your room some warmth with a brass table lamp or vase – adding these to a side table can really bring out the highlights in woods grain or speckles of colour in a marble surface. 

Combine new metallics with quirky animal designs.

Why not try mixing metallics with another unique trend? Popping up everywhere right now is animal accessories. The interior world is going crazy for them, whether it be wallpaper, artwork, sculptures or ornaments. Just take a quick peek in-store and you can find gold gorillas, French bulldog statues, and even bronze elephant heads.

All living things great and small.

Moving on from the animal kingdom to the great outdoors! With the lovely ladies at the Flower House Cheshire catering to all our customers' botanical needs – we’ve stocked the store full to bursting with vases and plant pots! From abstract silver vases to mini wooden greenhouses, we’ll help you find the perfect spot for your newly purchased cactus or spring bouquet.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall”

If you’re looking for your fairy-tale mirror, look no further! We’ve added lots of shiny new mirrors throughout the store and each one has its own ‘wow’ factor. Remember adding a mirror to just the right spot can make your space appear bigger and brighter.

Always on time…

Browse our huge selection of wall clocks in varying different styles and colours. A wall clock isn’t just practical but can be as important as a piece of art. Add texture or colour to a wall with a wooden design or go minimalistic with a solid black timepiece. With styles ranging from skeletal to antique, we grantee we’ll have you on time and in style!

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