Inspiration 09 February 2017

Meet the new love of your life.

We’re falling in love again with the basics.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, everyone’s buying flowers, chocolates and heart-shaped goodies but not us. We’re taking it back to the basics. We’re focusing on what Valentine’s Day is all about, the art of falling in love…with your ideal sofa of course!

We might not be able to match you with your future husband or wife, but we can certainly find your sofa soul mate. 

To begin, we’d always suggest following these simple steps.

1.      Don’t rush – Know what you want.

Research, research and more research. That’s our philosophy when it comes to choosing the perfect sofa. With so many options, whether it be style, material or colour, you can never browse enough.

Making sure you know exactly what you want helps in narrowing down your search. If it’s a chesterfield style you're looking for, do you want it in velvet or leather? A neutral shade or a bold pop of colour? Once you’ve got an idea of what you’re looking for, you can begin to delve a little deeper. Such as; what do you want from your new sofa, does it need to be hard wearing? A statement piece? A spare guest bed? Or do you have a budget? Once you’ve answered these questions you’re all set for the next step.

2.      A face to face - See it in person.

Once you’ve decided what you want it’s time to try it out. Visit our store and sit on as many models as you like! Check whether the sofa has the right comfort level - can you sink into it or does it provide just the right support? 

Is it everything you expected? Does the colour look different in person? Or do you prefer another colour swatch all together? These are the fun decisions, where your creative imagination can run free. Make your sofa what you dreamed of and leave the store with a sense of excitement. After all, a sofa is a focal point within a living space, a wrong choice could ruin an entire look.

3.      Grab the tape measure! 

One thing we tell all our customers – remember to measure your space! You could find the sofa of your dreams, only to find when delivered it doesn’t fit through the front door! Measuring the space and any obstacles our delivery guys must manoeuvre, will not only protect your home and give you peace of mind but it will help speed up the delivery process.

4.      Delivery & Protection  

Our bespoke delivery service comes with 2 delivery personnel, a branded Arighi Bianchi van, and your sofa all wrapped up like an early Christmas present!

If all measurements are correct our drivers will have no problem unpacking and setting up your sofa in its new home. We’ll even remember to clean up afterwards!

For instructions on how to keep your new sofa looking it’s best, please speak to a member of our sales team when ordering. They are always happy to share any tips and tricks on caring for your new furniture.

5.      And relax. 

All that’s left to do is put your feet up and enjoy a good brew.