Inspiration 03 March 2016

Mother's Day: It's the though that counts.

Every mum likes to receive a little something on Mother's Day, even if it's just a card, a cup of tea in bed or something homemade.

If you really want to spoil her, how about some new garden furniture, perfect for sunny days outside or rainy ones in.

Our new range of indoor/outdoor furniture has a colonial feel and takes its inspiration from traditional wickerwork. With upholstered cushions adding lots of extra comfort, mum can put her feet up whilst you make the lunch!

I love the way plants and greenery are making a come back. For years the poor old yucca only seemed popular with students but now they're everywhere, along with rubber plants, exotic palms, orange trees and every type of fig and fern.

There are lots of great ways to show off smaller plants and succulents, like this brass and glass terrarium.

Plants add natural beauty and interest to any interior and clean the air as well, which is a nice little bonus. With this in mind (and because every mum loves homemade) here's a simple way to create something a bit different. The kids can help out too, as it's really easy and fun. 

You'll need a glass container - a vase, bowl, jam jar or planter will do - some spring bulbs, a handful of small pebbles or gravel and some sphagnum moss (I know, I hadn't heard of it either!) which you can buy at any garden centre or DIY store.

Place the pebbles at the bottom of the jar (for drainage), then take a handful of moss and make a small nest for the bulb and its earth to sit in. Carefully tip the bulb out of its pot and place it whole in the centre of the nest.

Depending on the size of your container, arrange other bulbs in the same way, then cover with more moss so they're nicely tucked in. Water - but not too much - as the moss will retain lots of moisture, making these really easy to look after.

All you need to do now is give it a polish and present to someone special...

A hurricane jar, usually for candles, makes the perfect container and can be cleaned out and used again afterwards.

A brass and glass terrarium looks pretty with flowering tete a tete.

Even the most ordinary glass jar can be turned into something special.

A simple terracotta pot is perfect for indoors as well as out.