Inspiration 26 March 2019

Need some help styling the perfect table setting?

Style the perfect table setting this Spring with a little inspiration.

Dining in has become the new eating out! Setting the dining table can make every meal feel that little bit special. Whether you take the time to get family & friends involved or you want to show off your styling skills, the extra effort will really show you care. Plus, as an added bonus it’s so much fun!

When deciding on how to style your table it’s always best to start with some inspiration! That’s why we got three Instagram influencers, @karenanita, @livedin365 and @keepme4ever_thehudsonhome, to show us how it’s done. Using our Abode department as their canvas, we asked them to create their ideal table setting. Combining our range of dining furniture, tableware and a few of their own pieces they created displays that had us daydreaming of our next dinner party!

Welcome Karen Clough aka @karenanita

Karen Clough is a busy working mum and an award-winning interiors blogger with a background in journalism, she’s currently renovating her new family home and sharing it all with her follows along the way!

Her dining set up began with the Hickory dining table and blue velvet Cooper dining chairs, she then added soft pinks and gold accents, natural green foliage and finally black cutlery, all resulting in a dramatic twist on simplicity.

Karen’s tip is adding something to the table that’s unexpected, whether it be a piece of crockery, that isn’t usually there, or an interesting pattern on your serving dishes. It’s the perfect ice breaker for any conversation!


Say hello to Emma Rogers aka @livedin365

Emma Rogers is an interior designer and mum of two, she currently lives in South Manchester and loves to combine 1920’s glamour with mid-century treasures and quirky one-off finds!

Choosing to add a lot of greenery to our Cherbourg dining table and chairs, Emma then combined earthy colours and textures to create a nature-inspired look. Her little pops of pale pink accents add a feminine touch without it being too overpowering.

Emma’s top tip is ‘more is more’, adding lots of different elements to your table will make it feel more styled. If it’s too sparse it can look a little underwhelming. If you think you’ve added too much, take a step back at the end and remove a few items.

Introducing ML Hudson aka @keepme4ever_thehudsonhome

ML is a mum of three and a graphic designer living in Cheshire. With a big family of her own, she loves nothing more than sitting around the dinner table with family and friends, enjoying good food, wine and conversation.

As we all know life can get very hectic sometimes, especially for ML with her young family. That’s why she chose to create a simple brunch design on our circular Tarifa table, incorporating fun mugs with animal faces that her children could squabble over!

ML suggests preparing ahead of time, for example, make sure everyone’s glasses are filled before you sit down. That way you aren’t having to get back up for that glass of orange juice the little ones asked for.

We’d like to say a HUGE thank you to Karen, Emma and ML for taking part in our table dressing challenge! They all looked amazing and good enough to eat at!

If you’ve fallen in love with any of our tableware, it’s currently available to buy in our Abode showroom, located on the First Floor.