News 20 June 2016

Need your new furniture delivered?

We've got it covered.

At Arighi Bianchi we pride ourselves on customer service and part of that includes our bespoke Delivery service to UK Mainland addresses.

We're happy to arrange everything from start to finish. Our team will arrange a delivery time and place that's convenient with you, and when your furniture arrives our guys will unpack it, put it together if necessary and take away all of the packaging.

So the only thing you need to think about is putting your feet up - literally!

All our in-stock furniture is kept safe at our Arighi Bianchi warehouses in Macclesfield. Branded vans are loaded up every morning and each two-man team is assigned their work for the day.

Meet Bob and Chris. Together, they've worked for us for a total of 44 years, so you can be pretty sure they know their stuff!

Today's deliveries include a footstool to a local Macclesfield address and a large sofa and snuggler to a new house in Woodford. The wagons are loaded and locked up safely for the first part of the journey.

All our Delivery teams are fully trained and take great pride driving our branded vehicles - the image on the side shows our historic store, with its distinctive arched windows.

At the first house, Bob rings the customer on his intercom. We can also ring you 30 minutes beforehand if that's helpful.

After a quick hello and recce to check the best way into the house, Bob and Chris off-load the stool and take it round the side of the house and in through the patio doors.

Once inside, they unpack the stool, screw on the legs and remove all the packaging to be taken away.

Customer satisfaction is really important, so the team always check that the customer is happy. If there are any issues at all with the product, a photograph is taken to document the problem and things are then resolved as quickly as possible back at base.

On to the next job, delivering a sofa and snuggler set. The customers have just moved in so the house is a bit topsy turvy, but that doesn't phase our guys who are used to being flexible.

Snuggler first. Nicely through the front door and straight through to the new extension which has a dining area and room for seating.

Then back outside for the big, squidgy sofa, which is carefully covered to prevent any damage.

Once inside, Bob and Chris carefully unpack the sofa and place it exactly where the customer wants it, making sure not to scuff the floor tiles when they turn it over. Then they arrange both sofas to fit in the space.

They make sure to straighten up the cushions and leave everything looking nice. Attention to detail is something else we pride ourselves on and even the guys think it matters!

Documents signed and a final hand shake before the team move on to their next delivery. Job done!