Inspiration 18 December 2015

One of the biggest colours this Autumn

One of the biggest colours this Autumn

One of the biggest colours this Autumn is a new shade of something quite lovely, only I'm struggling to give it a name.

It's somewhere between pink, nude, blush and copper.

Dulux won Colour of the Year 2015 with their version called 'Copper Blush', a warm, rich colour that reminds me of my nana's vintage silk eiderdown and peach smoothies!

At last week's Paris show I fell in love with one particular bedroom set which interpreted this colour beautifully.

The colour palette was incredibly restful - palest greys, warm creams, gentle yellows and the something quite lovely. I had to smile when I realised that everyone walking around the room (and it was really busy) was whispering. You just wanted to be calm in it.

Every detail was carefully considered, from the rippled linen bed throws (adding layers of texture) to the lacquered bedside tables (made from honey-coloured walnut) to the oversized silk lampshades (giving off a peachy glow). The pendent lights beside the bed where made of non-matching vintage glass, another big trend.

Even the upholstery and carpets made you feel serene. The chairs were soft and plush, the kid-skin rug a warm, milky cream.

The desk and dressing table were made of dark wood, adding a touch of drama (along with the backlit view!)

Adjoining rooms developed the colour scheme, introducing tan leather, brown marble and brushed steel. Functional pieces of furniture, like the coffee table and occasional chairs, were made of interesting materials that added texture and depth to the overall design.

Nothing like a bit of blush to make you smile! Trying it out in the office at home.