News 27 May 2016

Our new store signage!

Find your way around our Aladdin's Cave.

One of the most charming and notable things about our beautiful Grade II* listed

building in Macclesfield is it's architecture, inside and out.

Inspired by the original Crystal Palace, it has 27 arched windows with four floors and over 60,000 square feet of showrooms to explore.

However, this Aladdin's Cave is quite a challenge when it comes to getting from A to B via the cafe and toilets without getting lost or befuddled! So we've come up with the idea of using colour-coded signage to help you find your way around store.

The journey begins outside, with our three free car parks clearly signposted North, South and East so you can be sure you'll start and finish in the same place!

All our entrances have signs for directing traffic and customers, including how to find disabled parking. As we're one way, it also shows you the way out!

Inside, you'll find signs telling you where things are and how you'll find them, using colours to delineate. Fun speech bubbles also help as a guide.

The lifts and central staircase are colour coded too, so you can see at a glance which floor you're on and where you want to go - unless of course you're looking for the cafe, in which case just follow your nose!

The top floor with beds and divans was the first to be given its colour-coded makeover.