Inspiration 10 March 2017

Reclaim your style.

Find the beauty & benefits of using reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed furniture has been a popular trend for the past decade, the finishes and designs have evolved over the years, but the concept and benefits still strive on.

With designs crafted from sourced recycled woods and unwanted structural materials, our reclaimed collection introduces history and charm into your home. It lends its own story to your chosen style.

With the re-use of these materials our suppliers contribute less waste to the world's landfills and due to its previous incarnation, you can guarantee our products are strong and durable.

Alongside its eco-friendly ethos, our reclaimed furniture boasts a unique and remarkable ability to make a house feel welcoming. Its rustic wood creates a warmth that other materials struggle to portray and a character that few materials can imitate.

Our bestsellers are our range of dining tables, as the main social space within the home, we expect a lot from our dining furniture. Owning a reclaimed dining table adds a level of elegance and laid back appeal that synthetic or newer materials simply can’t achieve. Add upholstered or leather chairs to soften the industrial, reused feel of the tables or pair with brightly coloured chairs for a more eclectic look.

Introduce the reclaimed trend into your bedroom with our rustic bed ranges or a faux wooden clad wallpaper from our interiors department. If a new bed or full wallpaper is too much of a commitment, then why not try a new mirror? Or some shelving?

You could even revamp your home office, by replacing old furniture with new reclaimed pieces, from a dinghy bookcase to a beautifully textured painted desk? Swap a clinical environment for a more inviting one.

Let us know which reclaimed pieces you love most, by tweeting us or Instagramming your finds!