Inspiration 07 January 2016

Sit down & eat together

Let's make this the year we all sit down to eat together.

When was the last time you sat down at a table to eat breakfast? And I don't just mean a bowl of cereal! I mean a real breakfast table with toast rack, milk jug, butter dish and butter knives. Like they used to do in the old days. Before screens. And multi-tasking. And mobile phones.

Wouldn't it be lovely if we could just stay switched off for a moment longer before real life gets in the way: brew a proper pot of leaf tea; enjoy honey from a honey pot with one of those swivel stick things I've never got the hang of; slice the top off boiled eggs and make toast soldiers for dipping.  

It doesn't take much to create a really inviting breakfast table. Spread a simple white table cloth and napkins - preferably made out of cotton so any stains will come out easily in a hot wash - and add a collection of your favourite crockery. Everything you see here is available to buy in store at our award winning Arighi Bianchi cafe, including our own range of Deli marmalades, jams and honey.

I especially love the earthenware mugs with china spoons and the little cream jug, which comes in a range of pretty colours. The honey pot makes a sweet focal point and will have the children trying out honey in no time.

Make 2016 the year we all sit down to eat breakfast together (although one of my favourite days involves making breakfast like this just for myself!)

Another great way to share time and food with family and friends is to spread out a simple tapas style tea, with dipping oils and crusty bread, fresh vine tomatoes and lots of small dishes of olives, chorizo and tapenade. The beauty of this kind of meal is you can try out lots of different tastes and enjoy a little bit of everything, serving food in brightly coloured bowls and dishes. 

All of these deli oils, dips, olives and breadsticks can be bought in store, including the beautiful mediterranean style pottery which comes in a range of different colours and patterns from fish to flowers to hot chilli peppers! The chopping board is specially engraved with Arighi Bianchi.


Try this delicious Green Pesto recipe from the Arighi Bianchi Cafe Bar:

This is a classic Italian recipe (gotta love those Italians) and has many uses as a pasta sauce, a spread for breads, or even a salad dressing! You will need a food processor for this recipe.


2 garlic cloves

Half bunch fresh basil

100g pine nuts

100g grated parmesan

Olive oil


Lemon juice


Toast the pine nuts until golden - please be aware they will go from golden to burnt in an instant so don’t turn your back!. This will release all the yummy natural oils in the nut.

Add all the ingredients except the olive oil to the  food processor and blitz. Add the olive oil a bit at time to get the right consistency. Another tip to remember - you can add but you can’t take away! You should now be looking at a bright green paste. Adding more oil will turn it more saucy. Season to taste.

Add to a fresh, drained tagliatelle with a knob of butter for a tasty basic pasta dish or spread on a baguette and top with mozzarella as an alternative to garlic bread.

Place the pesto in a tub and ensure a generous oil covering. It should last about 2 weeks in the fridge.