Inspiration 28 June 2017

Summer Sale: Our seaside escape

Explore our new Summer collection in all its seaside inspired loveliness.

Why travel far and wide for a Summer holiday when you can enjoy the joys of Summer at home?

With our new Metro Collection, we combine our love of the British coastline and our obsession with vibrant colour palettes!

A range full of gorgeous curves, velvety scatters and oodles of squishy comfort, this collection is the perfect summer look for your home. Just think, it could be Summer all year round!

We first saw our collection in January and fell in love at first sight! Its cheerful colour palette and relaxed designs hint at days lounging in the sunshine or strolling along some sandy beach at sunset. Yes, it’s nice to imagine without the rain!

Keeping this in mind, we chose our most striking pieces and mixed them with a contrasting distressed wood-effect wallpaper. In turn, creating an ideal beach hut style setting, which we then emphasised with driftwood stars, rope textured rugs and reclaimed accessories. As a finishing touch, we also added grass style plants, which we dotted throughout the sets.

Of course, our beach hut couldn’t be quintessentially British without a little bunting!

So, we fashioned a rustic boat sail from fabric and dressed it in brightly coloured bunting. This mixed with some deliciously creamy cupcakes and our teal teapot made for a quirky twist on a traditional UK Summertime theme. Tea anyone?

Don’t fancy bunting and a giant sail? Don’t worry, you can create this look at home by subtly injecting a few bolder colours into your colour scheme whilst also throwing a few natural textures into the mix. Just imagine you could be lounging at home whilst listening to those distant waves lapping in the background. Utter bliss!