Inspiration 05 May 2016

That's my chair!

Everyone loves a chair to call their own that they can legitimately turf anyone else out of!

And you don’t get any better than our signature Harlequin Chairs – every one is handcrafted and completely unique.

They add a pop of colour in a bedroom or living room and even if you don’t think they will, they go with everything. One is fun, or two’s company if you pair up similar tones.

Even the backs are cute so don’t feel they need to be shoved in a corner - the classic wooden legs, high backs, rolled arms and unique upholstery deserve a prime spot in the house!

Each chair is entirely one-off, made from quality fabric left overs and reimagined for each individual design. The chairs are hand finished by craftsmen in the UK.


Perfect for an eclectic feel or achieving this season's boho look, don't be afraid to use a mish-mash of fabric patterns and textures to create a really vibrant style. The Harlequin works equally well against a pure white or darkest grey background too, so you can take it either way.

You need to be quick though, as you'll never see the same chair twice. This is an online exclusive, so anything you see on the website will have to be snapped up lickety split but we do have more in store if you want to wander along for a look. Please do.