Inspiration 13 October 2017

The Blue trend is set to continue…

…and we couldn’t be happier!

Ever since the introduction of Farrow & Ball’s Hague blue shade, we’ve been obsessed with the stunning shades of blue entering the interior world. From rich, deep, dark hues to crisp, fresh, bright, seaside shades, blue can work in just about every room! Learning what accessories and details to add to the usually cool palette is the magic ingredient! This really allows you to warm up your space with bags of pizazz!

The famous Klein Blue is going to be an industry favourite well into 2018. Use brass and gold to really warm up a dark room.

So earlier in the year Leatrice Eiseman aka Pantone‘s Executive Director revealed that the year ahead will see the rise of colour palettes with a pearlised and translucent glow, she explained that these are colours that the human eye cannot ignore, and with the shades chosen, we wouldn’t want to!

A colour that fits the Pantone bill is the 1960’s Klein Blue, developed by the artist Yves Klein. The colour was created with an ultraviolet pigment that enhances and maintains its vibrant shade of blue. Our Lllano chaise sofa is the perfect example of how to showcase this shade effortlessly! With its velvety texture and contrasting blue scatters this sofa ticks all the boxes for this 2018 trend. The velvet upholstery only adds to the already glowing colour scheme and reflects the light beautifully. At least that’s what we think!

If you're not quite brave enough to go full on blue, how about adding pops of vibrancy to a more contemporary style? Such as our Autumn Edit 2 look. Here we’ve used the same striking blue for our Kuga dining chairs but toned it down with our classic white gloss Elodie dining table and Canaletto sideboard. This pallet lends a contemporary twist on retro-inspired furniture designs.

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If new furniture isn’t currently in your budget why not add blue into your home through new accessories or a lick of paint? Throw a few new scatters onto your bed or sofa just to hint at the trend. Or better still dedicate an entire wall or room to the colour of the moment! Another hue of blue that’s on the path to stardom is Pantones’ Little Boy Blue, this option still showcases the luminous quality the trend demands, but with a much brighter uplifting shade.

Take a look at some of the pieces we have in store celebrating the beauty of blue!