Inspiration 29 December 2015

The power of flowers.

Bring immediate colour into the room.

Finding creative ways to display flowers in the home has never been more popular than it is right now. You can find flowers in recycled china teacups, teapots, and perfume bottles

through to jam jars and milk bottles. If it’s pretty or striking you can bet a bunch of your favourite floras will look fantastic in it.

Flowers are such a fantastic way to bring immediate colour into a room and it’s lovely how a little heat brings out their perfume - sunshine or radiators, they both have the same effect.

Inject a bit of interest by using an old jug or teapot as a vase, and allow the flower arrangement to work as still life, giving it lots of room on a table or dresser. The key with flowers is to keep it simple - you don't need to dress them up, they provide their own fanfare.

At this time of year, peonies are especially beautiful - traditionally a flower for the garden, these days we see more and more of the large-headed, blowsy blooms taking centre stage on reception desks, dining tables and in wedding bouquets too.

Even the smallest of sherry glasses (this one below picked up for pennies at a local charity shop) can be used to create something simple and sweet for a mantelpiece, windowsill or dressing table.

Decorator's sheets provide the ideal backdrop for this little still life.

Try placing different vessels along the centre of your dinner table, or use individual flower-filled glasses as place settings, which guests can take home at the end of the night. A lovely touch.

Teamed with vintage crockery, bone-handled cutlery and tea and cakes, it's the perfect way to dress an old-fashioned summer garden party - just keep your fingers crossed for the weather!

Collect old-fashioned flowers from the garden and hedgerows - so long as there are lots of them in the spot where you pick, and you don't pick too many, you'll be ok with the bi-laws that protect wild flowers. Choose simple, frothy varieties like creamy cow-slip and elderflower, mixed in with pops of colour from blue cornflowers, delphiniums and anemones. To create a really stylish look, keep the colour palette simple.