News 01 December 2017

What's new with TEMPUR mattresses?


Everyone says once you buy TEMPUR you never go back, a new TEMPUR mattress can change your life. Now we know this sounds very dramatic but we’re 100% serious. With numerous lifestyle bloggers and celebrities recommending everything, from TEMPUR pillows to full divan sets you really can’t ignore the quality of this brand.

Take the New TEMPUR mattress collection, for instance, TEMPUR has made choosing the best mattress simple. With four scientifically tested models, the Hybrid, the Contour, the Cloud and the Sensation you can achieve that restful night’s sleep we all crave.

Within each model, there are three comfort levels, the Supreme, the Elite and the Luxe, so whatever it is your looking for in a mattress TEMPUR will have you covered.

The Hybrid

With a combination of pressure relieving advanced TEMPUR material and responsive spring design, the Hybrid is the classic mattress reinvented. Made to respond faster to your nightly movement.

The three Hybrid models each layer TEMPUR technology in varying degrees of thickness.  

The Contour

Using the core benefits that made TEMPUR who they are, the Contour mattress combines Space technology with a support system that gives you the feeling of weightlessness whilst providing comfort for the whole body. Made with a firmer feel in mind.

The three Contour models each layer TEMPUR Space technology in varying degrees of thickness. 

The Cloud

With specially developed TEMPUR Extra Soft material as a top layer and supportive TEMPUR technology as its base, the Cloud mattress offers a soft tension that hugs your body whilst still providing much-needed support. Made for those who like things a little softer.

The three Cloud models each layer TEMPUR Extra Soft material in varying degrees of thickness. 

The Sensation

If comfort is what you’re looking for but still want the freedom to move, the Sensation is the ideal mattress for you. Combining TEMPUR's weightless technology with a subtle tension that allows you to move. Made for those who like to move it, move it!

The three Sensation models each layer TEMPUR weightless comfort technology in varying degrees of thickness. 

If you’re not exactly sure on what you need, pop in store or call 01625 613333 and speak to one of our bed experts, they will be able to point you in the right direction.

Whether it be a firm, supportive design or a soft, movement free model we’ll help you decide.