Inspiration 02 October 2018

Which of our Autumn Home Edit looks is the right one for you?

Find your Autumn Home Edit Look.

With so many trends to choose from it’s often difficult to know where to start, so we’ve come up with a short guide to help you out. Simply answer the questions below, then tot up your results to see which look would suit you best.

1. How would you describe your home style?

a) Eclectic

b) Colourful

c) Classic

d) Neutral


2. Which of the following best describes your home décor?

a) Luxurious, classic and traditional

b) Fun, bold and unorthodox

c) Streamlined and tonal with clean surfaces

d) Lots of accessories and comfortable


3. If we visited you at home, what would be the dominant colour throughout?

a) Deep, rich tones

b) A rainbow of colours

c) Grey, grey and more grey

d) Earthy tones


4. When you browse through a magazine, what product most catches your eye?

a) Statement lighting

b) Wallpaper

c) Mirrors

d) Soft furnishings


5. If you're hosting a dinner party, what would be your house cocktail?


a) Bellini – give me bubbles

b) Mojito – carnival in a cup

c) Martini – a sophisticated classic

d) Moscow Mule – zingy but refreshing


6. What is your favourite fabric?

a) Lavish velvet

b) Anything with a print

c) Sleek white leather

d) Woven knit


7. Where would you most like to live?

a) Paris

b) Rio de Janeiro

c) New York

d) Cape Town


8. Which plant would you most likely have in your home?

a) Plants? I’m all about the floral bouquet

b) Jungle-like Monstera

c) A delicate Orchid

d) A prickly Cactus


9. How do you want your home to make you feel?

a) Relaxed 

b) Energised

c) Sophisticated

d) Cosy


10. Which of these are you most likely to collect?

a) Floral oil paintings

b) Quirky brass objects 

c) Crystal glass-ware

d) Vintage wicker baskets

Mostly A's - You're such a romantic! Head over to page 6 to browse our edit and discover more.

Mostly C's - You're all about the luxe! Turn to page 24 for more tips and ideas.

Mostly B's - Colour is your king! Flick to page 16 for lots more inspiration.

Mostly D's -  Subtle yet sumptuous. Explore your wild side over on page 32.

How did you do? Were you surprised by your answers or are you already working towards the look that you love? Share your style with us at #arighibianchi