Inspiration 12 January 2018

Why not relax is your own rustic haven?

A Winter 2018 trend we love!

It’s a New Year and a chilly one at that! That’s why we’ve put together these handy tips on making your home lovely and cosy this Winter.

From rustic stacks of firewood to paint pots full of earthy tones, we’ll have your space feeling as tranquil as the Cheshire countryside on a crisp Sunday morning.

1. Colour & Wood

Taking inspiration from the great outdoors, combine weathered woods with deep green shades. Whether it be floorboards or a distressed side table, mixing natural textures and colours can really bring a room alive and can add a touch of freshness to your New Year revamp.

2. Foliage

The simplest way to capture the beauty of the rustic outdoors, without actually having to venture outside…brrrrr, is foliage. Lots and lots of foliage! Plants literally breathe life into a home, they bring another dimension, through their colour and shape. Why not try displaying herbs, ivy or small succulents on a table, resulting in an array of aromas, colours, and beautiful natural elements, use berries, small buds or wildflowers to add a pop of colour.

Above foliage images sourced from Pinterest.

3. Soft Furnishings

Adding textured throws and cushions will really ramp up the cosy factor. With a few well-placed cushions, in complementary colours, patterns, fabrics, and sizes, you can create a relaxed look that pairs perfectly with chunky knit throws, ideal for snuggling by the fire. Keep the colour scheme to neutral shades, this way they’ll work seamlessly with this nature-inspired look.

4. Furniture

With the ever-popular Scandinavian lifestyle trend “Hygge” and most recently “Lagom” we’ve seen a whole lot of nature indoors. From solid oak furniture in mid-century designs to lots of large palm plants. If the Danish and Swedish think the secret to a happy life is bringing the beauty of the outdoors in and combining it with simplistic retro furniture who are we to argue!

The key is to celebrate the furniture’s natural material, along with its unique flaws. Details such as knots and grains are allowed to shine, without being distracted by elaborate finishes or designs. Of course, mid-century is not to everyone’s taste and we pride ourselves on our collection of reclaimed ranges, stretching from living room pieces to entire bedroom ranges. Each furniture range showcases its reclaimed materials, reimagined into stylish on trend designs.

5. Lighting

It’s all about the soft glow on a wintery evening in front of the fire. Think twinkling fairy lights or the subtle flicker of candlelight. Mood lighting is key in the Winter months, we’re all feeling a little weary, pining for the day we’ll see sunshine again. But fear not, the correct lighting can lift the dampest of spirits, for a brighter solution we’re sure to have the ideal light for you, from floor lamps to hanging pendants, but remember to change the lighting for each area of your home, and keep the brighter, harsher lights for task areas, using a dimmer switch can be a great solution for multitask areas to continue that rustic theme.