Inspiration 29 December 2015

You can never have too many books...

The latest must-have room in your house is a library!

Apparently, the latest must-have room in your house is a library! I'm still hankering after a dishwasher, but hey.

I've never thought books should stay in one room though. For me, a house should be stuffed with them, bathroom included - it doesn't matter if they get wet, just think of it as adding character!

Photo courtesy of Teneight Studios

The coloured spines bring warmth and interest to any room and are also a reminder of who we are and where we've come from - the books we've read on holidays we've loved, the books we've borrowed from friends who don't want them back, the books we read to our children when they were little.

Books can become a work of art, simply by stacking them together in colour groups or matching the spines with other objects in the room.


The bookcase below was originally made to display ceramics in my small gallery - simple MDF construction, so not expensive - but I thought it would look just as good on the wall, filled with books. Fortunately, the holes were exactly the right size for a penguin classic: these give the room a vintage feel and always spark a conversation about people's favourites.

If you do get a joiner to make shelves out of MDF, or fancy doing it yourself, make sure you use a sturdy board, 300mm thickness should do it. These shelves weren't made for books and have started to bow in the middle.

Photo courtesy of Teneight Studios

The perfect way to showcase a collection of books.

Books also help to absorb sound, which is v important in a house with two small elephants! But if shelves of books really aren't your thing (or if they are and you fancy having some fun), you can still enjoy the look with these latest wallpaper designs, available exclusively from Arighi Bianchi.

The books on either side are real and are tied together in bundles with string - a lovely touch.

I really love the eggs pennant in this shot. Would look great against a neutral wall.

They do stacks of suitcases too with some rather delicious too-big tape measure banners which would look cool in the kitchen, either side of the range.