In 1885, Arthur Spink, a 23 year old bed maker decided to start his own business. He joined forces with 44 year-old salesman John Edgar, and began trading from 60 Carlton Cross Street, Leeds, as Spink & Edgar. For five generations the Spink family have dedicated their passion to creating quality components including their springing systems, making them stand out in their industry. 

Spink & Edgar seat cushions contain pocket springs softly enveloped in a feather wrap and small high density springs placed within arm , back and seat platforms. This makes for a comfortable and supportive sitting experience, reacting instantly to movement and retaining shape for years. They use only the best fabrics to cover their glued, screwed and dowelled FSC hardwood frames. Spink & Edgar don’t mass produce their sofas and chairs, each product is built by hand by a team of highly skilled craftsmen.


Spink & Edgar have now launched a completely new range featuring GP & J Baker printed fabrics and luxurious Italian velvets, influenced by modern classics with an Art Deco theme within. This combined with the award winning Spink & Edgar pocket springs that have been cleverly placed into the seat and arms results in an aesthetic and practical masterpiece