Dunlopillo takes sleep seriously, crafting contemporary designs that blend style with comfort.

Enjoy the ultimate sleep experience with Dunlopillo’s durable mattresses, made from sustainably sourced latex and perfectly engineered for natural resistance and hold.

Pair it with a brand new bed frame, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. 

The Collection

Dunlopillo Heritage

1920s-1940s: Led by Mr E.A. Murphy, Dunlop scientists invent Dunlopillo latex foam. Dunlopillo make the first latex mattresses that stay fresh and keep their shape without plumping or flipping.

1950s-1970s: Their latex is used to make seats for Sir Donald (Malcolm) Campbell’s record-breaking waterspeed craft, Bluebird and the UK’s Houses of Parliament.

1980s-2000s: Dunlopillo UK Latex is proven by the Shirley Institute of Manchester to be doubly effective in killing bed bugs compared to interior spring core mattresses. Advanced Dunlopillo technology used in hospital mattresses to offer patients pressure relief, spinal alignment and back support.

Dunlopillo Sustainability

Natural latex is derived from the sap of a rubber tree. Rubber trees purify over 90 million tons of carbon dioxide per year. Dunlopillo use natural latex as a key ingredient in their mattresses due to its sustainable nature. These rubber are grown in managed plantations all around the world.

Find out more on our Sustainability page.

Actipro™ Technology

Wake up feeling fresh, clean and healthy, with the help of Dunlopillo’s Actipro™ technology. Used in the fabric of Dunlopillo’s mattresses, it provides natural protection against allergens, dust mites, and odours, ensuring you get the best night’s sleep, every night.