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5'0" mattress or divan bed for the price of a 4'6" or 6'0" mattress or divan bed for the price of a 5'0"

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Hypnos only use responsibly sourced materials that are natural, organic and sustainable. Alongside this they also work in close partnership with the Red Tractor farms to ensure all wool is traceable and to pay a fair price to farmers. They have taken part in many activities and projects to help the environment including working with The Eden Project. You can read more in their sustainability report linked below or...

Find out more on our Sustainability page.

It goes without saying that comfort and support is at the core of each and every bed we make, but something else lies at the heart of our beds too – sustainability. Each bed is handmade in England using over 100 years of knowledge and passion in design and craftsmanship to build the most comfortable, stylish and sustainable beds our customers have ever owned.