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How to Make Velvet Decor Work in Your Home

How to Make Velvet Decor Work in Your Home

Not only does velvet furniture lend your home an instantly luxurious feel; it’s also plush and cosy, giving you style and comfort in one. That’s why, this season, we’re all about velvet decor that enhances every room in the house, whether it’s a soft-enough-to-sink-in sofa or bold cushions for your bed.     

Here, we reveal four top tips for working velvet into your interior style, so you can get the right balance of texture and colour. This is what you need to know… 

1. Make Velvet Decor a Feature

Instead of going down the ‘all velvet, everything’ route, consider statement pieces that complement a mix of fabrics in your chosen space. For example, if you have a tan leather sofa but you want to add a splash of colour for a cosy reading nook, place a velvet armchair in a bright shade next to your bookcase. We love the midnight blue Abode Panache Armchair

It’s a great dining chair fabric, too. Opt for velvet chairs in muted tones, like the Ottowa Dining Chairs, then team them with a mid-century style table for a modern New York loft vibe. In a bedroom that’s missing ‘that special something’, add a velvet bench or ottoman. The sapphire blue Ottowa Bench is perfect for avoiding the dreaded floordrobe.

2. Balance a Velvet Sofa

Velvet sofas have become synonymous with stylish homes. However, there’s a trick to making this statement piece of furniture fit into your living room. The goal is to ensure your suite is the only velvet item (or items) in the space, resisting the urge to pile on velvet cushions or hang up a velvet-covered lampshade. 

Try it with the Beckton Large Chaise Sofa in deep grey, then add graphic print cushions in tweedy or canvas fabrics to complement the velvet. The Shatter Teal Cushion or the Orla Kiely Sunflower Cushion will create a cool colour contrast.

3. Be Careful with Colour

Velvet decor isn’t just one colour. It shifts in shade under different light, which is why it’s important to test the tones will work in your chosen room. When that dream velvet piece arrives at your door, look at it in both natural and artificial light, so you can pick out the varying hues. This will make it easier to ensure accompanying items match. 


But don’t be afraid to go bold. Just as dreamy as champagne velvet is mustard or teal. That’s one of the things we love most about this trend: it fits into every colour palette.


4. If in Doubt, Accessorise

If beds, sofas and benches feel like too much of a leap into the velvet decor trend, turn to home accessories that add a touch of the fabric without being ‘too much’. The Bee Emerald Cushion will add a nature-inspired twist to your living room, while the Miami Pink Cushion gives your guest bedroom an instant vacation vibe. 

Footstools also let you dip a toe into the velvet homeware pool. Choose from the Pink Cherry Stool or the Blue Velvet Falcon Footstool for the ultimate in comfort.

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WFH is Here to Stay: How to Upgrade Your Home Office

WFH is Here to Stay: How to Upgrade Your Home Office

dayIf, for the past 10 months (or more), you’ve been doing your work at a dining table, no doubt you’ve wondered if it’s time to set up your very own home office. And, while lockdown looks likely to ease this year, 67% of companies have said that working from home is likely to be long-term or permanent. Put simply: WFH is here to stay. 

That’s why there’s no better time to give your desk space an upgrade, whether that means creating an office corner or making your study feel lighter, brighter and more welcoming. Keep scrolling for ideas on how to optimise your workspace in style, with tips on productivity-boosting decor and making a smaller set-up work… 

1. Find a Home Office Desk

Choosing a desk isn’t as simple as picking out a surface that looks good. You need one that suits your working style, whether that involves piles of paperwork or space to sketch and take notes. 

If you tend to have pens and pads sprawled across the table – with nowhere to tuck them away – opt for a desk that has plenty of drawer space, like the Redonda Large Desk. If room is limited, the Bordeaux Corner Desk has you covered with a sleek and compact design. Meanwhile, the Blake Desk features two handy drawers and a mid-century look that enhances the whole room.

2. Add Touches of Green

If you’re looking for ways to add colour to your home, start with your new home office set-up. Here, shades of green are believed to relieve anxiety and make you feel more relaxed. Try setting the mood with a green chair, like the Alfredo Chair in Dark Green Brushed Velvet. Or add green cushions for extra cosiness. We love the Miami Green Cushion and Shatter Teal Cushion. 


Look to greenery for a mood boost, too. Devil’s Ivy or a small Snake Plant are perfect, as they’re just the right size for sitting on a desk and they grow in all manner of light conditions. No time for watering? Go faux with the Small Aztec Plant or the Tillandsia in a Geometric Pot. No one will ever know the difference. 


3. Hang Prints On the Wall

Unless you’re lucky enough to have your desk in front of a window, chances are you’re facing a wall for at least eight hours of the day. Add wall art that livens up the space and give you something to gaze up at. 

Wanderlust-inspired prints are our go-to for a reminder of adventures that lie ahead, with the Copenhagen, Paris and Amsterdam Maps lending a minimalist, monochrome feel. For added colour, hang up the Venice Framed Picture or Times Square Picture. Place two or three pictures side by side for a subtle and simple gallery wall.

Unless you’re lucky enough to have your desk in front of a window, chances are you’re facing a wall for at least eight hours of the day. Add wall art that livens up the space and give you something to gaze up at. 

Unless you’re lucky enough to have your desk in front of a window, chances are you’re facing a wall for at least eight hours of the day. Add wall art that livens up the space and give you something to gaze up at. 


4. Choose the Perfect Lamp

Because no workspace is complete without a lamp, choose from fun and quirky or stylish and sleek designs. Right now, text bulbs are exploding on Insta, and our Dream Text Bulb is proving a hit. 

For a touch of monochrome, you could also switch on the Terrazzo Marble Lamp. Or, if gold hardware and modern-retro furnishings are your style, placed the Antique Brass Metal Task Table Lamp on a corner of your desk.

5. Add a Tray to Declutter

Finally, once you’ve got your workspace set up, find ways to keep clutter at bay. As well as tucking paperwork in drawers, we recommend placing a tray by your computer for both functional and decorative pieces.

The Marble Effect Tray has you covered. Place pens, post-its and any other essentials in there. To lift your mood, you could also add the warm and spicy Joyous Infusion Candle. Light it at the start of each day.

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How to Add Mood-Boosting Colour to Your Home

How to Add Mood-Boosting Colour to Your Home

Right now, we could all do with a boost of brightness in our everyday lives. It’s no wonder, then, that adding colour to your home is one of 2021’s biggest decor trends. You don’t need to paint or redecorate to embrace a bolder palette; all you need are the right accessories and a few select statement pieces of furniture. 
Here, we reveal six colours to embrace for an instant mood boost under your own roof. From calming blues to sunny yellows, there’s a shade to update every room in your home...

1. Energising Orange

If you’re struggling to stay awake or strike up enthusiasm for working from home, try adding this bold hue to your home office. It might just give you the boost you need. Because it’s a strong hue, choose simple accents like cushions to inject a bright burst of orange. The Geometric Orange Cushion or Miami Orange Cushion will make your desk chair extra comfortable.

2. Soothing Blue

Sky blues and oceanic azures are the definition of calm. That’s why we recommend adding this cool, soothing palette to relaxing areas, like the living room or bedroom. A powder blue sofa, like the Big Softy Corner Sofa, is cosy in colour and structure, while the Sundance Light Blue Tempur Linear Ottoman sets a soothing tone to help you sleep.

3. Sunny Yellow

Not only is yellow one of Pantone’s 2021 Colours of the Year; it’s also said to make you feel happier and brighter. What could be better than that? Go for zingy citrus yellows to get the most out of this trending shade, opting for the Bee Yellow Cushion and Matte Mustard Metal Pendant to liven up neutral or grey interiors. For a bolder take, place the dandelion Orla Kiely Linden Snuggler in your living room to balance an otherwise-muted suite. It’s the ultimate statement piece.


4. Calming Pink

If blue isn’t your colour but you’re looking to embrace a halcyon vibe at home, consider pink. It’s said to be similarly soothing if you choose a pale or dusky tone. The rosy Chicory Bedstead invites a sense of calm into your bedroom, helping you unwind at night. Meanwhile, the Spink & Edgar Harlow Grand Sofa creates the sitting area of Instagram dreams. 

5. Restorative Green

It’s believed that green can relieve stress and quiet a busy mind. It symbolises nature, safety and healing – plus it makes a great accent shade against grey or blue interiors. Incorporate the colour through plants and accessories placed on shelves, sofas and sideboards. Some of our go-to green items include the Bee Emerald Cushion, Green Tillandsia Potted Plant and Fontana Green Dining Chair.


6. Comforting Grey

If grey is your favourite interiors colour, you might be onto something. The muted hue is thought to instill comfort and create a more peaceful space. However, keep in mind that darker shades can also make a room appear smaller. Try offsetting deeper tones with lighter, brighter greys to create a more open feel. For example, if you’re looking for a grey bed, try the Tempur Genoa Adjustable Bedstead, which comes with a plush headboard in a soft pewter shade. The Sirius 3 Seater Sofa is the ultimate grey velvet sofa, giving you a snug place to curl up at the end of a long day. 


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The 5 Decor Trends You Need to Know in 2021

The 5 Decor Trends You Need to Know in 2021

If you’re looking to give your home a quick refresh in 2021, now is the time to read up on the latest decor trends taking Instagram by storm. Here, we’ve rounded up five you need to know – from this season’s must-have colour palette to a bedroom revamp that guarantees sweet dreams. Get these interior styles on your radar…

1. Parisian Bedrooms

 Parisian Bedroom image

Wanderlust is extending to homewares this year. If you can’t get to Paris, then bring Paris to your home with beautifully ornate furniture that updates your bedroom. The Atelier collection features weathered white wood and intricate details that were made for Instagram, lending a touch of French flair to every corner of your favourite room.

Complete the set with the Atelier High End Bed, Atelier Ladies Wardrobe and Atelier Dressing Table. Hang a Paris Map Framed Picture on the wall as a finishing touch. Then, to warm up the white, add velvet cushions, pastel curtains and a gold vintage mirror. Et, voila.

2. Yellow Accents

Pantone’s 2021 Colour of the Year, Illuminating Yellow, has found its way into homewares. If you’re looking to add colour to your home, make this the hue you turn to with bold accessories. Any shade works – from mustard and gold to daffodil and lemon – injecting a ray of sunshine into neutral and grey interiors

Cushions are one of the easiest ways to channel the yellow trend. Combine style and comfort with the Bee Yellow Cushion, the Meghan Mustard Cushion or the graphic Geo Ochre Mustard Cushion. The Casafina Candle  offers a scent as sunny as the vibrant jar. Place it on a table next to the Orla Kiely Linden Snuggler.

3. Rustic Dining

Rustic dining image

Give your dining table some rustic charm in 2021. You’re looking for natural materials, earthy tones and accessories that add to the shabby chic feel. This starts with your dining table, so watch out for large, wooden surfaces in warm, rich woods. The Blake Fixed Top Dining Table + 4 Chairs is exactly the look you’re going for. 

If you prefer a bench over chairs, the Madeira Dining Table and Madeira Bench are a rustic dream team. Place them in a kitchen dining area, and top with a raw cotton table runner and a vase of pampas grass. On the wall, place the Tofu Nordic Wall Clock to tie the whole room together.

4. Japandi Vibes

For years, Scandinavian styling has given homes a fresh, bright, airy and modern update. Now, interior designers are fusing the trend with minimalist Japanese accents for a look dubbed ‘Japandi’. Focusing on light wood furniture, greenery and muted colour palettes, it’s a zero-clutter aesthetic that refreshes living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms.

Try Japandi with sleek wooden furniture that boasts plenty of storage (great for de-cluttering). The Bordeaux collection is perfect, as it ties into the minimal theme with a warm oak finish. Some of our must-haves include the Bordeaux Wide Sideboard, Bordeaux Coffee Table, and – if you’re working from home – the Bordeaux Corner Desk. Complete the look with dusky pink, navy blue or burnt orange accessories, then add plants to every surface. Serial plant killer? No problem. Look to the faux Fern Potted Plant instead, which appears all-natural yet never needs watering. It’s a win-win.

5. At-Home Bar

At Home Bar image

During lockdown, many have discovered the joys of at-home mixology. No wonder, then, that at-home bars are set to be big in 2021. If you’d like to set up one of your own, you can make it as big or as small as you like, opting for a cosy corner or, if you’re lucky, a full cocktail bar room. So, what will it be?

If your bar space is snug, try a drinks trolley that holds all of your favourite tipples. The Hammond Drinks Trolley has two shelves: one for bottles, and another for glasses and accessories. If you’re building a larger bar, make sure you have plush barstools at the ready. The blue Ottowa Barstool adds a welcome pop of colour, while the Belvedere Champagne Barstool enhances neutral decor. And, finally, no at-home bar is complete without a sign to set the mood. Hang the Drink & Be Fabulous sign so the ‘regulars’ know where to go. 

Up next: discover cosy living room ideas to keep you snug all season long, or check out 6 tips for starting a home renovation.

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6 Home Renovation Tips for a 2021 Refresh

6 Home Renovation Tips for a 2021 Refresh

Planning a home renovation for 2021? You’re not the only one. After spending so much time indoors last year, many of us are craving a home refresh. Whether yours is big and requires building work or small enough for just a tin of paint, follow these planning tips and tricks. Happy renovating… 

1. Pin and Plan

The best home renovations start with a clear idea of how you want each room to look. Create a Pinterest board of inspiration, with sub-boards that dig into the details, such as lighting and fixtures. Mistakes can happen when you make things up as you go along, and doing so may be costly. So, make sure you’ve got a plan in place for every last nook and cranny, right down to plug sockets and door handles. 

You can also find plenty of interiors inspiration and DIY videos on Instagram. The @ArighiBianchi IG is updated daily with dreamy decor ideas. From dressing your dining table to creating a cosy living room, we feature furniture and finishing touches that make your home renovation complete.  

2. Get Contracts in Place

If your home renovation involves building work, map out what you think you can do yourself, and which spaces will need the handiwork of a professional. Then, ask family and friends to recommend builders they trust or search for workers with good ratings and reviews. Once you’ve found the right person or team of people, request that a contract is put in place, outlining every requirement.

Get Contrasts In Place

3. Choose Flooring First

Before you start picking out paint colours, decide on the perfect flooring for each room. It’s easier to match a paint to your parquet than it is to find a floor that fits a custom wall shade. If a building review or thorough check of your house has highlighted instances of damp or rot, this will also guide the type of flooring you lay down from one room to the next. 

For example, while wooden floors are inimitably chic, they’re not recommended in areas where moisture could cause future problems. Instead, use luxury vinyl or laminate in rooms that are prone to damp or wet, such as bathrooms or kitchens. These create a hardwood look and feel, but provide a sturdier foundation for your renovated space.

Choose Flooring First
Image Courtesy of Lydia Millen (@lydiamillenhome) featuring the Jute Carpet Runner by Alternative Flooring and Luxury Vinyl Tile from Karndean.

4. Figure Out Lights and Fittings

Before building work starts on each room, decide where you want your light fittings to be placed. Perhaps you need two pendants to fill the room with a warm glow, or you’re relying on floor lamps to illuminate your decor. Either way, planning the location of lighting now is key, keeping in mind any dining areas or reading nooks that may need bulb hovering overhead.

Figure Out Lights and FittingsFigure Out Lights and Fittings

5. Measure and Schedule Your Furniture

When deciding on larger items of furniture, like corner sofas or dining tables, measure out the area with masking tape to get a feel for how much space they’ll take up. You could even use cardboard boxes to recreate a large table or armchair, so you can see if the height or depth would be overwhelming in small corners of a room. 

Once you’re sure your furniture fits, try to align delivery with building, painting or carpet fittings, allowing a few days either side of each task, in case of any unplanned delays. Plotting a clear timeline for each stage of work helps you plan furniture deliveries better – so you won’t spend weeks on an air mattress in your renovated master bedroom

6. Maximise Space with Mirrors

Finally, ensure each room plan has space for an ornate mirror (or two) – especially in small box rooms, where your goal is to maximise the area. They open up the room, whether you opt for a decorative wall piece, like the Marble Effect Mirror, or full-length, leaning glass, such as the Curve Edge Mirror

Looking for more tips to enhance your home this year? Discover your complete guide to pastel decor; perfect for brightening up every room in the house.

Maximise Space with Mirrors

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How to Dress Your Dining Table

How to Dress Your Dining Table

‘Tis the season to dress up your dining table. Often overlooked as merely a place to eat, this integral piece of furniture can also play host to festive centrepieces and must-have homewares. While bookshelves and side tables usually steal the show, this year we’re turning our attention to the largest surface in your home, and giving it a cosy winter revamp – just in time for New Year’s Eve.

Let’s get styling. Here’s how to dress up your dining table…

Blog dress your dining table candle and plant

1. A Cluster of Candles

While a single candle may look lonely in the centre of the table, a collection of pillars, jars and candlesticks will create a stylish display by day, and a warming glow by night. Line up a row of White & Silver Ombre Candles along the centre of a table runner, or opt for varying heights of the Light Grey Pillar candle – one smaller, one taller and one wide.

2. A Stand-Out Pendant

Placed above the very centre of your dining table, pendant lights make a statement all of their own. Choose one that matches the mood of your room and the proportions of your table. For example, if your home has a boho feel, try the Natural Woven Cloche Pendant, which strikes the perfect balance between laidback and contemporary. Grey and white interiors will suit the silver Glacier Pendant, while the Ceiling Studio Light will enhance a dining room with a mid-century modern vibe.

 Blog dress your table accessories

3. A Variety of Vases

A vase is a dining table mainstay. It teams perfectly with candles and a simple table runner, whether you fill it with a bouquet of flowers or a few fresh sprigs of eucalyptus. Place a large vase, such as the Burnt Amber Glass Vase, in the centre of the table for a standable statement. Or, if you prefer succulents, try two or three smaller pots in complementing styles, like the Monochrome Face Vases.  

4. A Decorative Tray

Sometimes, on larger tables, vases and candles can appear a little out of proportion. By placing them on a decorative tray, you can tie every detail together. Pick out a Marble Effect Tray with metallic accents to set off copper or rose gold accessories in the room, or choose the silver Large Ceramic Bubble Tray to add dazzle to neutral decor. For a vintage or mid-century feel, a Wooden Tray is the ideal centrepiece. Just make sure, if your tray is rectangle- or square-shaped, you place it on a rectangular table to match.

Blog dress your table cocktail

5. A Dining Display

When it comes to serving up dinner at the table, add decorative details with a playful twist, like the Honey Beehive Salt & Pepper Set and Honey Bee Bowl. No charcuterie board is complete without fun yet functional items, such as the Set Of 6 Top Hat & Cane Olive Picks or Set Of Four Mini Mouse Cheese Knives. Meanwhile, if drinks are flowing, try swapping wine tumblers for glitzy Rose Gold or Silver glasses that sparkle. 

Looking for more quick tricks to update your home? Discover cosy living room ideas for winter or read up on four ways to instantly get the Hygge look.

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Cosy Living Room Updates for Winter

Cosy Living Room Updates for Winter

Looking for cosy living room ideas to warm up this winter? While we’re all spending more time at home, many of us are looking for ways to upgrade our living space during the colder months.

Whether searching for a plush loveseat to curl up in with a good book, or a soft throw as comfy as your favourite jumper, we have something to suit every interior style. Start scrolling to discover cosy living room ideas to try in your home…

1. Set the Mood With Lighting

There’s nothing more inviting than a warm glow from a window on a cold day. To create soft, atmospheric lighting in your living room, swap bright overhead lights for warmly-lit lamps and flickering candles

Depending on your interior style, go metallic for a mid-century feel with the Al Capone Tree Table Lamp, or minimal with the Terrazzo Table Lamp for a nod to Nordic vibes. Our tip to maximise seasonal cosiness: place your lamp on a glass or mirrored surface, like our Loop Side Tables, to reflect a glow around the room. 

2. Warm Up With Colour

If your home is full of chic neutrals, create a Pinterest-worthy cosy living room look with seasonal colour accents. Think rusty reds, burnt oranges, autumnal ochres and rich plums. Start with smaller accessories, adding the Luxe Mustard Cushion to your sofa, or filling the Burnt Amber Glass Vase with pampas stems. Feeling bold? Go for a sofa in a statement shade, like the Jackson Berry 2 Seater Sofa in a delicious jam-like hue.

For those not into bolder colour, opt for metallic tones like yellow and rose gold, copper or brass, radiating warmth into neutral spaces.

Warm up with colour.Warm up with colour.

3. Layer With Texture

The quickest fix for cosy living room style: mix and match textures. From faux fur to plush velvet, soft fleece to chenille, experiment with layers to create a tactile feel.

The Aspen Amber Throw feels soft as a cloud, and looks particularly inviting when draped over the arm of a sofa. For a luxe look, the Alaska Silver Faux Fur Throw is both chic and oh-so-cosy to cuddle up with on a cold winter’s evening. Pair with tactile cushions piled high onto the sofa, creating a space you’ll want to sink into. Variety is key, so don’t be shy: clash different textures that look good and feel even better when relaxing in plush perfection. 

4. Fill the Walls

When we think of the cosiest places we know, country pubs with roaring fires come to mind. The ones with well-worn sofas and mis-matched frames hanging from every wall. Too many blank walls in a home can leave the space feeling a little empty and cold, so hanging a few well-chosen pieces will add character and charm.

If you have large open wall space, try creating a focus point with a gallery wall. Browse our framed art works to get inspired, and opt for warm wooden frames or metallic accents to match the rest of your cosy living room look. For a more pared-back style, balance the room with a large mirror to open up the space. Our Gold Round Square Mirror is a statement piece, featuring a yellow gold frame to warm up bare walls.

Fill the Walls
Fill the Walls

5. Go Seasonal With Scent

No cosy living room is complete without a warm and inviting scent. Elevate at-home ambience with a winter-ready home fragrance, from warming spices to sweet berries. 

The Cinnamon & Orange Cracker Gift Set smells like Christmas, perfect for a festive feel. Fresh scent fans will love the Eucalyptus & Lime Cracker Gift Set, featuring mood-lifting notes. Or, for romantic nights at home, the Luna Sandalwood & Patchouli Candle is warm and inviting. Strike a match to set the mood, fill our Diamond Decanter with your finest bottle of red and wrap yourself up in a blanket with your significant other. The definition of a cosy night in.

6. Get Cosy for Christmas

Nothing’s cosier than getting ready for the holiday season, and we’ve got 6 Festive Ways to Decorate Your Home at Christmas all wrapped up. From creating your own bar corner to choosing a festive colour palette, you’ll find all the tips and tricks you need to prep for the ultimate cosy Christmas at home. The dream.

Learn more about cosy vibes this season with a Scandi twist. Read 4 Ways You Can Add The Hygge Look To Your Home. Continue reading

6 Festive Ways to Decorate Your Home this Christmas

6 Festive Ways to Decorate Your Home this Christmas

It’s that time of year again. If you’re searching for the perfect Christmas home decorations to suit your interiors style, look no further. We’ve rounded up the top trends, tips and tricks to get your home ready for Christmas. 

From creating a festive grotto for the kids, to building a luxury bar corner for you (because staying in is the new going out), scroll to discover six ways to get your home ready for the holidays. 

Christmas Home Decorations & Ideas

1. Mix and Match Tree Decorations

Looking to switch up traditional festive style? Dress your tree with a blend of simple accessories and quirky Christmas home decorations to add personality. Start by adorning your tree with a Box Of Baubles, featuring frosted whites, high-shine silvers and warm golds as the perfect canvas. Then, start adding statement decorations to suit your festive vibe. 

Go glam with the Gold Bee Glitter Bauble, which will work with Pantone’s Colour of the Year: Classic Blue (set to be the shade of the holiday season). Or, for little ones at home, introduce Christmas characters like Matilda Mouse On Swing Bauble, featuring rustic wooden accents for a Nordic feel. 

For fans of the pop art Christmas trend, offset bright fuchsias and bold turquoises with our kitsch-y Gold Glitter Pineapple Bauble. Whatever your style, have fun and try something different this year. 

2. Opt for Seasonal Scents

Gold side tables adorned in scented candles, diffusers and Christmas crackers.

Set the scene with festive fragrances throughout your home, switching up the scent to change the mood from room to room. Opt for warm and comforting notes in your living room for Christmas cosiness with the Cinnamon & Orange Cracker Gift Set. Or try the rich and woody Juniper Berry & Cedar Cracker Gift Set to create an inviting atmosphere in the hallway, welcoming you through the door. Use diffusers by day to release scent slowly through your home, and light candles in the evenings to emit a warm glow. Ideal for cosy winter nights at home. 

3. Deck the Hall(way)

Decorations aren’t just for the tree. Create an Instagram-worthy setting by getting creative with Christmas decor, dressing different areas of your home. Build a festive display at the fireplace or console table with a classic garland draped over the surface. Style with pillar candles and Christmas Tree Candle Pins, alongside large and small Rattan Cone Trees With Lights, for a glowing arrangement. 

4. Build Your Own Luxury Bar

Gin-gle All the Way bar sign in a Christmas home set-up.

The holiday season may look a little different this year, with many of us spending more time at home instead of the usual Christmas soirées. So, why not bring the bar to you and build a chic cocktail corner in your home?

Our tip for a space-saving bar hack: turn a fully-stocked bookshelf into a makeshift drinks area, lending a shelf or two to your stash of spirits. Or, if room permits, the Mapleton Oak 2 Tier Shelf is the perfect size for a drinks trolley. To set the scene, browse our range of bar stools. And of course, no bar is complete without a sign. If gin is your tipple of choice, the Gin-gle All The Way Sign was made for you. Cheers. 

5. Decorate Your Dining Table

No matter how many people are at your dining table this year, bring a sense of occasion to Christmas lunch with a well-dressed table setting.

For smaller dining tables, create an easy yet chic centerpiece by adding a festive wreath in the middle of the table, placing a tall pillar candle in the centre. For large tables, try an alternative to classic Christmas home decorations and garlands. Add sprigs of spruce and festive foliage to small vases, and dot down the centre of the table. Pair with elegant glassware, like our Diamond Water Glasses and Pink & Gold Champagne Flutes, for a restaurant-worthy setting.

6. Bring Santa’s Grotto Home

Christmas throw on a shelf alongside light-up trees.

If you’re struggling to get a visit to Santa this year, make your own grotto at home to cosy up in with your little ones. Use our range of soft Christmas blankets, throws and textured cushions piled high to create a comfy corner. We think they’ll love the Red Reindeer Throw, made for cuddling up and watching classic festive films. 

Plus, don’t forget to keep our Small Silver Standing Santa close by, for a watchful eye on who’s being naughty or nice ahead of Christmas Day.

Looking for ways to stay cosy this Christmas? Discover 4 ways to add a Hygge feel to your home. Continue reading

Grey And White Interiors: Neutrals Are Here To Stay!

Grey And White Interiors: Neutrals Are Here To Stay!

Grey and whites are a great foundation to any interior. With endless styles and contemporary looks, the options are endless. Keep reading for more reasons why neutrals are here to stay for the summer! 



Layering neutrals is an extremely classy way to upgrade interiors on a budget. Adding textures is essential to add body to an open space. Incorporating accents from accessories like mirrors, side tables and plant pots are a great way to enhance the neutral tones. Throws and rugs are a great accessory to include neutrals into a living space. By using lighter accessories with darker walls, a strong contrast can be made within the room and vice versa.



Lightweight textures are great in summer to give a lighter, airy feel to the interior. Using throws and lighter coloured pillowcases in living rooms or bedrooms can add more depth and a very contemporary style to the living area. Woods and other organic beige accents release a modern feel to the whole space. Texturising an interior emits a very homely vibe with a spacious feel due to the light shades of colours used throughout the room. Continuing the organic feel through staple pieces is a great idea when working with beiges, side tables and wooden accents through tables and chairs create a very natural, hygge vibe to the space.



Accessories are a great way to bring colour and added brightness to the room. By leaving walls and main features of the room neutral, accessories are easy to contrast and add a brighter feel to the room. When pairing accessories with white, faux plants are a very current accessory when thinking about a refresh for summer. Mirrors and photo frames are a great way to accessorise by matching the accents to contrast with the main colour of the room. Chromes also work very successfully alongside neutrals due to the amount of option it provides when deciding how to decorate in summer. Continuing with the minimal theme, cream shades are to die for during the summertime. Rugs, vases and other table ware is a gorgeous way to revitalise the greys and nudes used to previously fill the room. 


Geometric patterns

Monotone colours are a great base to start off with styling interiors. Using multiple shades of the same colour in a geometric pattern is perfect for extra dimension. Patterned rugs and throws are great to add depth and an extra boost of colour whilst still sticking to the neutral theme of the space. Other patterns may be seen on vases, mirrors, lamps and other accessories. Patterns are. Continuing with the theme of geometrics, a two tonal pattern is a great way to add another colour. Chromes are stylish and a great accent to add when sticking to neutrals and also creating natural shadows and depth to the neutral space. 



Lighting is the perfect accessory to add into any neutral interior to create a sumptuous atmosphere. Warm lighting dress the room with an extra shade of neutral yellow, whilst a brighter light may visually extend your space. Natural lighting is also a great feature to accentuate the textures and layers of the living space. Natural lighting tends to give more depth to a room as well as tying the whole summer feel of the room together along with other accessories and colours.






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