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A guide to pastel home décor: 5 things you should know.

A guide to pastel home décor: 5 things you should know.

Spring is just around the corner, the colour scheme is almost perfect! Pastels are a great way to brighten your home and perhaps a start to the spring cleaning! Pastel seems like such a big change to add to your home, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are 5 things you should know before diving in feet first to the décor of your own home.

Splashes of pastel

If you’re looking to incorporate some colour into your home this season but unsure where to start; incorporating pastels tests the waters on how your home may look with more colour. From cushions and throws to plant pots and lampshades…a hint of pastel can work throughout your home this Spring! By leaving your walls the same colour or freshening them up with a fresh coat of white, a small change to your accessories every now and then to experiment the colours until you eventually find the perfect one for your home!


Hints of darker accents paired with lighter pastel colours such as pink, blue and green create an amazing contemporary look to the space you’re working with. For example, mint and dark wooden accents may be the way to go for a very attractive spring look. Another great combination is a black and/or charcoal with pastel pink. The two colours complement each other very well making a bold but effortless look. Plants are also a great way to add contrast and colour to any room. Against light, or white coloured walls plants would be a modern, contemporary change to start the new season off.


There’s no better place to start your Spring cleaning than the Kitchen! A light and airy space is a great start and having a clean communal space is ideal for guests and quality family time! Using tiles in a kitchen is a great way to brighten the space, and then accessorising with kitchen utensils such as pots, pans, mugs and plates. Natural light in your kitchen helps the pastel palettes shine through. In particular, pinks and mints work well for kitchens as they create a fresh and airy atmosphere. Plants can be added as a final touch to create a sense of outdoors.


Blinds and shutters are a great way to add a clean, bright look to your home! A mix of shades will reflect warm tones into your home when sunlight is shining through creating a homely and inviting atmosphere. This would add  a contemporary touch to your home. as well as a slight but vibrant change to the whole room!  With a touch of spring colours, this is a perfect time to make the perfect change.

Colour blocking

Adding blocks of pastel colour can be a great way to add a subtle contrast and burst of colour to your home. Matching interiors together and different accessories creates a great running theme through your home! By incorporating one main colour running through your home, a theme will be created adding boldness and a great interior style for all of your guests to see! This trend would work in any room in the home, but particularly a bedroom or dressing room would be a great place to start! One statement wall creates the block finish with geometric shapes using paint or even wallpaper and contrast to the room and the perfect finish it needed to incorporate pastels galore!


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4 ways you can add the Hygge look to your home.

4 ways you can add the Hygge look to your home.

A Hygge home is a refreshing, brightening space with a calming atmosphere to think and reflect. The environment should be a stress-free zone with a restricted colour palette to the scene. Anything with a relaxing vibe is what Hygge is all about. Read on to discover how you can transform your home into a zen place for you and your family.

Neutral Colour Scheme

A neutral colour scheme is the basics for transforming your home. Using minimalistic tones is a great way to create a natural bright atmosphere with very little clutter on show around your home. Using warm neutral tones such as creams and beiges are a great way to give the home feel a sense of Hygge. Each room could incorporate these colours with small additions such as accessories, paint, furniture and rugs. Cushions and throws create a warm feel to the space, whilst walls are white to match or contrast the accessories and extra features of the room.


Textures are a great way to introduce Hygge to your home; with rugs, throws and cushions. A geometric pattern goes great with the minimal look due to the darker patterns standing out from the white neutral tones of the room. Sofas, carpets and all lounge accessories are a soft fabric so the space can be a place of zen. The textures will create a zone of relaxation to destress the mind after a long day’s work. Throws are a great way to dress any living room or bedroom to warm to space up in the winter, or just a great feature for a quiet night in maintaining the relaxing, cosy theme of Hygge.


Lighting is a great way to help create the perfect atmosphere in your hygge home. Increase the natural lighting in your home by opening up window frames; removing any dark or heavy curtains/blinds and replace with lighter tones and textures. Candles can dress the room for a more relaxing environment or just some ambience whilst you’re relaxing around the home! The warm lighting emits a homely and snug feel to your Hygge home and can also inject a soothing fragrance into the space. Another great way to add lighting to your home is a string of delicate fairy lights wrapped around smaller pieces of furniture or hanging around a shelf or picture frame.

Natural Elements

Natural elements such as plants and books are great accessories to include into your new Hygge way of living. Plants give the whole room a great natural, botanical feel aside with the natural lighting for a much lighter spacious atmosphere. Books are a great way to detox your mind from social media and the internet. With the additional lighting, textures and fresh plants the space will open up to create an amazing space to think and relax either alone or with loved ones. Having a Hygge home is all about how you feel and the impact it will have on mindfulness.




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Have you seen our new Orla Kiely collection?

Have you seen our new Orla Kiely collection?
Here at Arighi Bianchi we love when a new brand or designer releases a furniture collection. The moment it arrives in-store there’s always this buzz about the showroom, and when our Orla Kiely collections touched down on the shopfloor it wasn’t any different! The iconic Irish print designer’s graphic florals and retro colour palette had everyone trying to sneak a peek! Continue reading