Wooden Bed Frames

Browse Arighi Bianchi’s extensive collection of wooden bed frames today to find the option that suits your personal taste and budget. From simplistic to stylish, we have a range for all aesthetics.

Start the decision making process with our helpful bed buying guide, and nail your decision, then pair it with a new mattress and be prepared for a tranquil nights sleep.

Wooden Bed Frames

Of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom is often the most personal. This is the place where you’re likely to keep your most treasured possessions, where you get ready for the day and wind down at the end of it.


The focal point of any bedroom is obviously the bed. And that’s why you should choose a bed that reflects your personality. If your style is classic and timeless, then a wooden bed frame is the perfect option for you.

Why choose a wooden bed frame?

Wooden bed frames bring warmth and texture to any bedroom. The details and knots in the wood grain make every bed completely unique, bringing a sense of nature to your personal space.


With so many different types of timber to choose from, you can select a wooden bed frame to perfectly complement your existing bedroom furniture and décor. Alternatively, take a look at our bedroom furniture sets to give your whole bedroom the makeover it deserves.


For our more environmentally conscious customers, it’s good to know that wooden bed frames are the easiest to recycle at the end of their life. However, when you purchase a wooden bed frame from Arighi Bianchi, you can be sure that this won’t be for many years, as our beds are guaranteed to stand the test of time.


Browse our collection of wooden bed frames below to find the option that suits your taste and budget.