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In a place where you can relax and have time to yourself, make your bedroom your own with our selection of luxury bedroom furniture to suit your style. To add that extra bit of comfort to your bed, take a look at the cushions and throws we have to offer.

Bedroom Furniture

You spend around 25 years in your bedroom over your lifetime. And that’s just sleeping – it doesn’t account for time spent reading, watching television, or getting ready for the day.


Investing in durable, quality bedroom furniture will save you the hassle of replacing it every few years, or worse, spending a large portion of your day in a room with shabby or damaged furniture. You should never compromise on comfort or functionality when it comes to your bedroom.


Why invest in luxury bedroom furniture?

There are many reasons to go for quality over cost when it comes to your bedroom.


Luxury bedroom furniture lasts longer, and will therefore cost you less in the long run.


Quality bedroom furniture also meets all your needs. Our luxury pieces are beautifully crafted, and are also available in a range of styles, colours, and finishes. This allows you to reflect your style and tastes, creating the perfect mood and ambience for your own personal sanctuary.

Check out our range of luxury bedroom furniture

Arighi Bianchi are proud to offer an extensive range of luxury bedroom furniture, which not only includes beds and mattresses, but also headboards, mirrors, wardrobes, bedside tables, blanket boxes, dressing tables and much more!


We hope you enjoy browsing our collection of luxury bedroom furniture today. You’re sure to find pieces you love, allowing you to create a haven that you look forward to relaxing in at the end of each day.


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