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Play Your Cards Right

13 Jul 2023

From playing cards and board games to fashion books – these classic items are having an interior design moment as on-trend accessories for the home!  

Our playing card artwork and storage boxes are top sellers.  

Playing cards are classic and iconic – and they make timeless design statements in the home. They’re instantly recognisable and can be a versatile addition to an interior design scheme.  

For modern interiors they can add a vintage edge and can look just as striking displayed as a single card or as a suite of three.  

They can also provide a striking focal point for a period property, as demonstrated by Instagram influencer, @homefitforkings whose King of Hearts print is at the heart of the kitchen in her 500-year old English cottage. Images featuring this print are often her most liked content. 

Whilst the imagery is iconic, each card also has a deeper meaning. For example, a Jack of Hearts is often said to symbolise good luck and happiness. The King of Hearts is said to symbolise power, ambition and success. The Queen of Hearts represents love, fertility, and creativity. The Joker is a wild card - meaning it can be anything it needs to be depending on the situation. 

Playing card framed wall art  

Playing card storage book boxes

Games and books are adorning fashion-forward homes

It’s not just playing card-inspired home accessories that are gaining traction. New in – and fast selling at Arighi Bianchi - is this new Backgammon checkerboard set by designer Jonathan Adler.  

Decorative game sets such as dominoes, noughts and crosses and backgammon are also having a resurgence as ways to add refined character to a room’s styling. 

Whilst homes are packed with tech, a current trend is to create sociable spaces to entertain in a laid back way. Games such as dominoes and cards are the perfect way to spend time with friends.  


Jonathan Adler Checkboard BackgammonTriangular Dominoes GameMarble Noughts and Crosses Board


Chollerford Bone Inlay Dominoes Box, Chollerford Bone Inlay Card Box  


Coffee Table Catwalk Books  

And no stylish 2023 home is complete without a collection of coffee table books!  

When decorating any space, it’s the small details that can make a big difference – and coffee table books are an easy way to inject a dose of sophistication to any area of your home, but especially the living room. Pop them on a coffee table – or add a collection to a shelf to show just how fashion savvy you are.  

Feature Picture credit @ahomefitforkings 


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