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Barbie The Movie Inspired Interiors

13 Jul 2023

Barbie fever is sweeping the nation and Barbie The Movie is inspiring lots of new trendsfrom fashion to home interiors.

We’ve picked out our favourite pinkpastel and bubble-gum coloured products that will help you create your own Barbie-land vibe at home. 

Helena Rose Pink Chandelier; Baby Brighton Bluetooth Radio; Deco Fig Splash Dog; Lazy Linen Pink Duvet Set; Lenny Footstool; Coffee Table Catwalk Books 

You don’t have to go full on pink to get the Barbie look. The kitsch colour palette of the film brings in lots of uplifting shades to create Barbie’s perfect world.  

Add soft hues of pink with our gorgeous Helena Rose Pink Chandelier or go bolder with bright bold splashes – we just know that our Yves Saint Laurent book would be adorning Barbies’ coffee table. The bestselling Lazy Linen Duvet cover in pink is another great way to subtly embrace the trend.  

Shades of Green Artwork; Neon Effect Rose Stem Glass Wall Art; Neon Babe Bulb; Lara Sofa

Shades of turquoise and mint green also feature in the films’ interiors and fashions. These colours complement pink perfectly but also work well on their own.  

A piece of artwork will give a quick and on trend update to your interiors or our Lara sofa can help you take that colour pop one step further.  

Or how about a splash of neon pink – the ultimate homage to Barbie’s favourite shade. Neon is a trend that isn’t going anywhere, and it really captures Barbie’s fun and feel good persona. 


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