Hybrid Mattresses

Luxury Hybrid Mattresses

If you want to benefit from exceptional stability and support, but also long for luxurious cushioning and comfort, then a hybrid mattress is the way to go.


What does hybrid mattress mean?

A hybrid mattress is one that combines pocket springs with a layer of either memory foam, latex, or gel. 


They are an excellent solution for those who want the best of both worlds, providing the support of a firm mattress alongside the comfort of a softer one.

Benefits of a hybrid mattress

Due to their range of benefits, hybrid mattresses are an attractive option for those on the hunt for a restful night’s sleep. 


The key advantages include:


Hybrid mattresses have the perfect amount of bounce

Memory foam mattresses can create a sinking feeling, whereas those comprised entirely of springs can have too much motion transfer. You’ll get the perfect amount of bounce with a hybrid mattress, as most of them use pocket coils at their core.


Hybrid mattresses are extremely comfortable

The top layer of memory foam gives you great support, whilst the pocket springs provide a feeling of weightlessness.


Hybrid mattresses are breathable

Whereas memory foam mattresses can get uncomfortably hot, a hybrid mattress provides a cooler sleeping environment. The pocket sprung core makes hybrid mattresses extremely breathable.


If you find yourself getting hot during the night, there are hybrid mattress options with features that can help you to achieve a cooler, and deeper sleep.


Take a look at the AB Collection 5000 hybrid mattress, with infused cooling gel. Alternatively, the Emma Select Diamond hybrid mattress features Diamond Degree Graphite Foam for a breathable sleeping surface.


Hybrid mattresses help with pain relief

The pocket spring core of hybrid mattresses encourages good sleep posture and spinal alignment, whilst the top layer of memory foam fills in the gaps around your body to provide optimum comfort. The two materials work in tandem to alleviate chronic pain, helping you to sleep better and wake up feeling rejuvenated.


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